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The modern world is undergoing a period of fundamental transformation. We believe that leaders at every level of a company must act with a sense of responsibility for the whole, by defining own interests in a wider perspective of enterprise, society and planet. Every decision that is made, every action that is taken must be viewed in light of that responsibility. Our work is to develop leaders with this transformative mindset.

Purpose fuels passion,
driving performance.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve specialised in developing purpose-driven organisations, teams and individuals. We are proven global experts, who have helped hundreds of multinationals and over a million people unlock the power of purpose.

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Transformation starts from within, whether it’s an individual or an organisation. Our leadership development programmes focus on the individual and how it translates into their leadership approach. Our programmes explore purpose, values and vision on an individual level, connecting it to the team and the organisation to create purpose-driven leaders.



High-performing teams are made up of many components on an individual & collective level. They need a shared purpose that connects the individuals and organisation. Our programmes provide teams and leaders with practical tools and methodologies that work on all levels within a team to develop a clear strategy, psychological safety and a strong sense of shared meaning.


Our programmes are designed to equip C-suite and MT level teams to develop a strategy for large complex organisations that needs to perform and transform for today’s fast changing environment. Develop a playbook to roll out the strategy while shaping an autonomous purpose-driven organisation.

“Oxford Leadership™ enabled us to build a new corporate culture and develop the whole company... a pragmatic way of getting business results by connecting people with spirit, wholeness and learning.”

Rodrigo Loures
Former CEO, Nutrimental

“The Breakthrough process helped us align as a management team and engage our top 90 leaders with fierce resolve to outperform the market.”

Ruediger Stroh
Executive Vice President, NXP

“Oxford Leadership™ helped our Group Management Team significantly sharpen our strategic focus, create alignment, strengthen teamwork and improve overall performance of the Electrolux Group.”

Keith McLoughlin
President and CEO, Electrolux

“Leadership for Growth is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organizational leadership. Our top leaders have benefited from making this leadership journey, that touches their hearts and minds.”

Heiko Hutmacher
Board of Management - CHRO, Metro

“What I’ve learned from Oxford Leadership™ is bigger than words. My perception of myself, of my life, of the world, and of my place in this world is today totally different from what it was 4 months ago. My individualistic approach to leadership has moved to a more humanistic one. The effect on my work has been significant and sustained.”

Sirivan Chaleunxay
General Electric

“The Self-Managing Leadership programme was the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations personally & professionally.”

John Mahtani
Former Vice President, Warner Bros

“I have been through many leadership programmes before, but none has had the same impact as OLDP on my approach to life and work. It has definitely changed me as a leader.”

Santiago Gowland
Former Vice President - Brand & Social Responsibility, Unilever

“Oxford Leadership is a long-term partner of Telefónica’s Corporate University. More than 2,000 Telefónica senior leaders have completed the Oxford Leadership courses, which consistently achieve the highest level of evaluation amongst our directors.”

Rory Simpson
Chief Learning Officer, Telefonica

“Oxford Leadership has played a key role in the company’s business turnaround since 2002, initially in Europe through the EuroMission management alignment, and also internationally as a key advisor to myself and the Plan to Win Project. I am personally grateful to you for your insightful perspectives on people and your development of the European Management Team.”

Charlie Bell
CEO, McDonalds

“If we are able to lead ourselves in this authentic way, we will truly be able to mobilize those we lead, unlock the potential of the organisation and turn it into growth for our business. Together we will build a community that can be characterized as cohesive, inclusive, respectful, trustworthy and inspired.”

Tex Gunning
Managing Director, AkzoNobel

“During a highly turbulent period in the history of our 100-year-old company, Oxford Leadership defined a new focus for the company and helped build the determination, confidence and commitment amongst our managers to lead the change. We have achieved exceptional growth both in revenue and profitability.I consider this to be the fruit of the Oxford Leadership’s programmes during this critical period.”

J.L. Shah
Managing Director, Atul Industries

“The Presidential lnnova Award is conferred on Oxford Leadership™ in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Mexican Government during the term of my Presidency. This award is an indication of my esteem for Oxford Leadership and its Founder and Chairman, Brian Bacon, whom I consider to be one the best leadership consultants and mentors in the world.”

Vicente Fox Quesada
President of Mexico, 2000-2006, Mexico Government

“It was probably the most interactive and useful training I ever had in my professional life. I believe this will influence my role in a very high grade. I have already started thinking and acting in a different way.”

Anna Tigka
Medical Advisor, Novartis

“We can see the difference in the quality of leadership. We find our leaders are more aware of themselves and their behaviours - they have become mature. Good leadership starts with good knowledge about yourself. Oxford Leadership are very professional and were able to make a true impact on our leadership; in how they behave, in their relationships with themselves, and their employees.”

Eva Norrbohm
Programme Manager, Group HR - Leadership & Organisational Development, SEB

“Opportunity to give time, effort in to renewing myself, my behaviours and my future with a wide variety of tools and techniques to open my mind.”

James Day
Head of O2 Money Marketing, Telefonica

“Through your guidance and facilitation, we’ve done strategic planning completely on our own, void of outside eyes and criticism. I like how you enabled us to achieve a balance between these two opposing methodologies. I feel we own this work, we are accountable and we believe in it. Through the process we’ve engaged at least 30%+ of our organisation -- that in itself built ties that will not be broken and will yield tremendous unexpected benefits.”

Damian P. Manolis
Managing Partner, Pramerica

“This is a remarkable process for giving leaders greater self-awareness and the willingness to embark on a journey of positive change. We have benefited corporately. The Oxford Leadership model is applicable to any individual business, government, or social institution that is serious about transforming their culture.”

John Williams
General Manager, Pacific Power International

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