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Our latest thoughts on purpose-driven leadership.

 Here you can discover our latest thoughts about leadership development, transformation and purpose-driven performance.

3 mins read

Be Yourself Better and Play a bigger Game

Finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in both life and work is essential for a person to lead a satisfying life.

8 mins read

6 mindful hacks to boost productivity, energy, and reduce stress

Digitalisation, priority / transformation projects outside of the day to day work, firefighting, responding to changing conditions, long Teams or Zoom meetings, and everyone is pinging each other with questions, requests, and emails makes the traditional to-do lists out of date.

7 mins read

Women in top leadership roles benefits business and society

The benefits of having women in leadership positions have been well-documented, with numerous studies finding that gender diversity in leadership results in better financial performance for companies. Despite this, women remain significantly underrepresented in leadership roles across industries and countries.

6 mins read

Unlock team potential & performance with the GROW framework

Digitalisation, priority / transformation projects outside of the day to day work, firefighting, responding to changing conditions, long Teams or Zoom meetings, and everyone is pinging each other with questions, requests, and emails makes the traditional to-do lists out of date.

1 min read

Accelerating growth with the SML® Online Programme

BBH London implemented the Self-Managing Leadership® (SML®) Online Programme as part of their BBH University Course: AMPLIFY YOUR DIFFERENCE. ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH.

6 mins read

Reflection: Are you hiding behind your social attributes?

You are not the title on your business card, the car you drive, the exotic vacations, nor the clothes you wear. But it’s so common to prop up our identity with social attributes, especially with social media and people caring more about getting the perfect picture of the beach than actually enjoying it.

4 mins read

Leading yourself through the eye of the storm

Human beings are amazing. The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass. Medical science will save the day. At huge personal risk and cost, our heroes, the frontline doctors & nurses, supply chain workers, supermarket workers and other essential toilers, will get us through.

3 mins read

Story telling through the lens of coaching – why are you telling me this?

We are telling ourselves and others stories all the time. Stories can be a few words or just non-verbal communication.

4 mins read

How purpose supports your leadership in a VUCA world

As we move into a new, exciting yet scary era of exponential change and disruption we can’t rely on the old ways of leading and organising our businesses and society.

5 mins read

A “happily ever after” starts with analysing your “once upon a time”

What is your Story?... We all grow up with a narrative that describes our place in the world—our own personal story and unique series of life events. These stories manifest themselves through the beliefs about ourselves, and the world around us. We need a story because it defines who we are and how we show up.

4 mins read

How purpose drives performance in organisations

Helping senior leadership teams and executives to lead ‘with a sense of responsibility for the whole’ has been our essential purpose for more than two decades.So, it’s pleasing to see that ‘Purpose- driven business’ has become a monumental movement.

5 mins read

7 Characteristics of Leadership 4.0 – What successful leaders do

Recently, I have received many questions of whether I could clearly differentiate traditional leadership and Leadership 4.0 (what some are calling “digital leaders”), so I am providing a short synopsis of insights and observations in context with what is perceived as a new phenomenon.

5 mins read

3 Principles for embracing the weQ trend

The sharing economy, weQ, cooperation, co-creation, and community are key principles of weQuality trends. In the midst of a social cultural change, new principles are created for our working world. The enormous upheaval is readily visible.

4 mins read

Leadership 4.0 in the “Digital Age”

Today “Digital Leadership” or “Leadership 4.0” is one of the latest buzzword within organisation boardrooms. But what does it mean? Essentially, it is a type of leadership that is fast-paced, cross-hierarchical, responsive, cooperative, and team-oriented.

4 mins read

Leadership challenges in the V.U.C.A world

I work with many outstanding leaders with extraordinary competencies; they are brilliant people from whom I’ve learned a great deal. I am grateful and privileged to be able to work with people like this.

4 mins read

Leadership 4.0: adapting organisations in a rapidly evolving world

How do you lead an organization today? Political and social upheaval combined with technological revolution are fundamentally altering the leadership landscape and changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

3 mins read

4 Rules of leading high-performance teams

One of the major mistakes people make while managing teams is thinking of them as something mechanical, like machines that work perfectly when geared.

6 mins read

Purpose-driven leadership for turbulent times

Today, organisations are frequently dealing with rapid changes and complex challenges. To survive and excel in this new, volatile environment, we need to apply a more purpose-driven approach to leadership and organisations.

5 mins read

Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela’s life

The first lesson is that it takes more than a single heroic leader at the top to change the trajectory of an institution, or a nation. The second lesson is that in leadership, character is always more important than strategy.

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