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TedX: How intuition and courage lead you through crisis

We all face crisis situation from time to time and very often our analytical self does not help in finding a sustainable solution.

There are just too many facts, figures, and data out there. Therefore, we need a higher level of finding solutions: our intuition, gut feeling, or common sense. Maren will let us know how – in difficult situations – she connects to her intuition in nature and gets answers by going for a walk and asking herself important questions. When we have access to and the courage to trust these feelings, we find better solutions, connect more easily with other people, and are able to show the world what we are made of. Her message: Please don’t sit still. Let’s bring your passion, knowledge, and important female voice to the world and to all important tables where decisions are made. We need the female perspective there!

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Maren Wölfl

Maren is a highly experienced coach and consultant who has worked with managers across many industries. Her strength is her unique know-how of working within global companies for many years combined with a coaching and training expertise on individual and corporate level for the last 15 years. Her career has included various leading roles in international companies.

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