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Our latest talks & conversations on purpose-driven leadership.

 Here you can discover our talks and conversations on leadership development, transformation and purpose-driven performance.

40 mins watch time

Blueprint for Cultivating Cultures of Success: a leadership talk with Michal Oshman

Join our Oxford Leadership’s partners Michal Oshman and Marc Nohr in this leadership talk where Michal shares her journey and

55 mins read

PODCAST: Why social identity during organisational change is critical

Understanding the importance of social identity during organisational change is crucial for fostering a positive work environment and ensuring a smooth transition during organisational change events.

42 mins read

PODCAST: The GOALPosts Coaching Model: Navigating success in the organisation

A recent study published in the journal Sustainability found that a combined program of mentoring and coaching employees is an effective way of improving organizational commitment and work performance.

37 mins read

PODCAST: Taming the culture tiger in managing diversity in the organisation

A recent study published in the journal Sustainability found that a combined program of mentoring and coaching employees is an effective way of improving organizational commitment and work performance.

15 mins watch time

TedX: How intuition and courage lead you through crisis

We all face crisis situation from time to time and very often our analytical self does not help in finding a sustainable solution. There are just too many facts, figures, and data out there. Therefore, we need a higher level of finding solutions: our intuition, gut feeling, or common sense.

19 mins watch time

TedX: The future of leadership

A crucial part of positive change today are playing women and especially mothers, which Eve and her initiative ‘LadiesLeadChange’ empower to find their voice and excellence. Eve was an executive in the industry for 14 years before she started her boutique consulting firm ‘Inspiration Without Borders’ which leads managers and organizations through transformation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

3 mins watch time

The Full Stop is a mindful practice for self-leadership

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness” (Maslow). In the Self-Managing Leadership,

34 mins watch time

IPA Keynote: Developing a growth mind set.

On July 10th our Chairman and Founder Brian Bacon talked at the IPA’s Business Growth Conference 2019 in London where he shares his perspective on developing a growth mind set, and in particular the relationship between personal and corporate growth.

13 mins watch time

A conversation on embedding purpose

The best way to start is to “humanize” organisations treating it as a living ecosystem that aligns and develops resilient and engaged people.

11 mins watch time

Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Leaders who are succeeding in this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ have embraced a new mind-set, viewing the organisation as a living organism or eco-system, rather than as a mechanical machine.

15 mins watch time

Courage and Fear Decoded, Leadership Talks with Carl Lindeborg

Anybody can perform a task that they’re unafraid of. But pursuing something while being fearful, worried, nervous, etc… that’s what true courage is all about. Courage is fundamentally acting from the heart.

60 mins watch time

Leadership webinar: How Purpose Drives Performance

What are the skills and attributes that leaders need to grow exponentially?

30 mins watch time

Leading with purpose: How purpose drives performance

Our new Vodcast “Leading with Purpose: How Purpose Drives Performance” explores how Virgin Media has embedded purpose in the organization, how the Oxford Leadership program (Leading with Purpose) has boosted their eNPS scores, and the story behind being a purpose-driven company (& team).

29 mins watch time

Business Leaders Panel at ExO World Summit

Jorn Madsen, CEO at Maersk, Lutz Sculer CEO at Virgin Media, Jeff Dodds COO at Virgin Media, March Nohr Group CEO Miroma Agencies, George Paterson Managing Director at HSBC Global Tech Investments, discussing the topic "Purpose-Driven Leadership"

7 mins watch time

Purpose-driven leadership at Virgin Media

ExO CEO panel with the topic “Purpose-Driven Leadership” In this clip: Jeff Dodds, COO at Virgin Media talks about Leading with Purpose in one of UK’s largest Telco and Lifestyle Company.

25 mins watch time

Leadership Plasticity and Neruogenesis, with Cyril Legrand

This ability has to be instilled and nurtured in the core of the organisation, its people. To enable people to adapt, leadership has to change how they think by activating brain plasticity, or reactivating silent brain networks.

12 mins watch time

Women in business, with Danuta Gray pt 2/2

Women are more than capable of holding their own in the business world. This has been proven time and again by female professionals in various disciplines.

13 mins watch time

Women in business, with Danuta Gray pt 1/2

It has also been proven by the positive way in which female business women can affect business relationships and organisational conversations. The problem is that women are not always afforded access to the necessary resources to stand out and make themselves heard.

12 mins watch time

Vertical Learning to support Change, Pablo Tovar

It has been proven by an increasing number of leaders, and supported by research from well-known institutions, that how we know is at least as important - if not more so - than what we know.

11 mins watch time

Trends in Leadership Development, with Ricardo Sookdeo

During our annual global conference we had the pleasure to get some insights from Ricardo Sookdeo - ( Head of Talent, A.P. Møller - Mærsk) on “Trends in Leadership Development” and “What differentiates Oxford Leadership from other consultancies”

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