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For almost 20 years, Oxford Leadership has been helping clients align their leaders, their people, their purpose and their strategy to transform their organization while continuing to perform.

Our unique research-based methodology, programmes and tools have been proven in more than 300 corporate turnarounds and performance acceleration assignments in companies and institutions operating all over the world.

Our approach consistently accelerates growth and performance and helps to create breakthrough solutions. It enables organisations to develop by growing alignment, engagement and accountability – along with a fierce resolve to deliver. And it has a positive impact on the world.

Organisations engage us to support cultural integration following mergers and acquisitions, to execute strategy, as well as to bring about organisational transformation during times of disruptive change.

Our established international network of world-class partners, consultants, and coaches allows us to deliver consistently high-quality, large-scale leadership interventions throughout all major world markets.

“10 years of empirical research involving 50,000 companies reveals that purpose-driven companies saw 400% greater returns on stock market value than the S&P 500.​”

Source: Korn Ferry, 2020

Custom designed leadership development programmes.

Oxford Leadership offers comprehensive leadership development. We embed shared purpose, vision and values at the heart of a more collaborative culture that helps our clients outperform their competitors.

The vast majority of our engagements result in an organisational transformation program that is designed specifically to meet our client’s particular needs – whether they’re a start-up, an established business or a massive multinational.

They lead to a unique blend of leadership development training, executive coaching and performance consulting delivered in person, online, or through a blend of both. And most importantly, they drive powerful results and improved performance from day one.

How we can help your organisation.

Leadership Development, Team Coaching and Performance Consulting programmes designed to unlock the power of purpose and drive improved team performance.

“We develop purpose-driven teams & leaders that consistently achieve high-level performance”

Brian Bacon
Oxford Leadership, Founder & Chairman

“If we are able to lead ourselves in this authentic way, we will truly be able to mobilize those we lead, unlock the potential of the organisation and turn it into growth for our business. Together we will build a community that can be characterized as cohesive, inclusive, respectful, trustworthy and inspired.”

Tex Gunning
Managing Director, AkzoNobel

“Fredrik does an excellent job aligning different business organizations to achieve a common goal. He is very transparent, accountable and a team player.”

Dean Kuhn
Sr. Sales Strategy & Planning Manager, Cisco

“Working with Tom provided me with a solid basis in learning how to develop and implement strategies. His experience, knowledge, and insight into strategy development and implementation provided me with a roadmap first to profound strategic thinking and then to tactical manoeuvring. He is unwavering about how values drive organisations and, with the necessary alignment, provide a recipe for success.”

Kamel Abouchacra
Chief Operating Officer, Crowe Horwath

“J’Lein facilitates Learning Journeys that everyone from the Western World should embark upon at least once in their life. They deliver a deep emotional experience that cannot be described in words, but only in feeling and first hand experience.”

Damon Way
Co-Founder, DC Shoes

“Ulli has worked with our board as a team and on an individual basis. His great strength is to translate clear, analytical thinking into pragmatic solutions. Ulli has a very sympathetic and optimistic way of communicating. Within his coaching, he always keeps a passionate focus on the individual’s strengths, to free people´s maximum personal potential and develop them into great leaders.”

Dr. Klaus Kinkel
Ex- Foreign Minister/Vice-Chancellor of Germany, CEO, Deutsche Telekom

“Oxford Leadership™ helped our Group Management Team significantly sharpen our strategic focus, create alignment, strengthen teamwork and improve overall performance of the Electrolux Group.”

Keith McLoughlin
President and CEO, Electrolux

“Ann-Sofie is a highly competent trainer. Her great skills as trainer, coach and leader were very much present throughout the course and she showed great enthusiasm which encouraged others to follow.”

Nima Rafiei
Ericsson Research, Ericsson

“What I’ve learned from Oxford Leadership™ is bigger than words. My perception of myself, of my life, of the world, and of my place in this world is today totally different from what it was 4 months ago. My individualistic approach to leadership has moved to a more humanistic one. The effect on my work has been significant and sustained.”

Sirivan Chaleunxay
General Electric

“Fredrik possesses a unique ability to understand, communicate and establish trust with people across all levels and functions to effectively drive successful initiatives for both companies. Fredrik is an excellent leader and partner.”

Guntars Otto
Mobility and Network Line Manager, IBM

“Axel is a very self-motivated person who excels in bringing the best out of his coaches. Punctual, reliable and always willing to help. He takes action whenever he sees an issue arising and consistently looks for improvements. I very much like working with him.”

Niels Cotur
Head of Date Analysis, Makro

“Oxford Leadership has played a key role in the company’s business turnaround since 2002, initially in Europe through the EuroMission management alignment, and also internationally as a key advisor to myself and the Plan to Win Project. I am personally grateful to you for your insightful perspectives on people and your development of the European Management Team.”

Charlie Bell
CEO, McDonalds

“Oxford Leadership has a deep wealth of knowledge and wisdom into the complex transformational challenges facing organisations and their leaders today.”

Mats Lederhausen
Former CEO, McDonalds

“Leadership for Growth is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organizational leadership. Our top leaders have benefited from making this leadership journey, that touches their hearts and minds.”

Heiko Hutmacher
Board of Management - CHRO, Metro

“The Presidential lnnova Award is conferred on Oxford Leadership™ in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Mexican Government during the term of my Presidency. This award is an indication of my esteem for Oxford Leadership and its Founder and Chairman, Brian Bacon, whom I consider to be one the best leadership consultants and mentors in the world.”

Vicente Fox Quesada
President of Mexico, 2000-2006, Mexico Government

“OLDP and Strategic Focusing enabled us to build a new corporate culture based on trust & collaboration, focused on the development of the whole company in an eco-based way, instead of the traditional command-control and competitive ego-based way.”

Rodrigo Loures
Former CEO, Nutrimental

“The Breakthrough process helped us align as a management team and engage our top 90 leaders with fierce resolve to outperform the market.”

Ruediger Stroh
Executive Vice President, NXP

“The Self-Managing Leadership programme was the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations personally & professionally.”

John Mahtani
Former Vice President, Warner Bros

“I have been through many leadership programmes before, but none has had the same impact as OLDP on my approach to life and work. It has definitely changed me as a leader.”

Santiago Gowland
Former Vice President - Brand & Social Responsibility, Unilever

“Oxford Leadership is a long-term partner of Telefónica’s Corporate University. More than 2,000 Telefónica senior leaders have completed the Oxford Leadership courses, which consistently achieve the highest level of evaluation amongst our directors.”

Rory Simpson
Chief Learning Officer, Telefonica

“Opportunity to give time, effort in to renewing myself, my behaviours and my future with a wide variety of tools and techniques to open my mind.”

James Day
Head of O2 Money Marketing, Telefonica

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The power of brands to contribute to a sustainable future

Individuals and governments each have their role to play in shifting toward sustainability, but so do businesses.

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Leadership challenges in the V.U.C.A world

I work with many outstanding leaders with extraordinary competencies; they are brilliant people from whom I’ve learned a great deal. I am grateful and privileged to be able to work with people like this.

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Leadership 4.0: A review of the thinking

The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing unprecedented changes to societies and organizations throughout the world. The multiple ramifications of digitalization and the accompanying acceleration and increased complexity.

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Leadership 4.0 The future does not need your leadership

Interview with Cyril Legrand, founding trustee and Chief Executive Officer of the international leadership consultancy: Oxford Leadership. He speaks about leadership development in the context of the 4th industrial revolution: Leadership 4.0.

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Intuitive intelligence in leadership

Do you trust your gut when it comes to the big stuff? Instincts and hunches may have a comforting influence on day-to-day decisions, but when it comes to major strategic choices and matters of great complexity, intuition doesn’t often get a seat in the C-Suite.

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Leadership 4.0 in the “Digital Age”

Today “Digital Leadership” or “Leadership 4.0” is one of the latest buzzword within organisation boardrooms. But what does it mean? Essentially, it is a type of leadership that is fast-paced, cross-hierarchical, responsive, cooperative, and team-oriented.

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Leadership 4.0: adapting organisations in a rapidly evolving world

How do you lead an organization today? Political and social upheaval combined with technological revolution are fundamentally altering the leadership landscape and changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

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Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Leaders who are succeeding in this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ have embraced a new mind-set, viewing the organisation as a living organism or eco-system, rather than as a mechanical machine.

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Leading with purpose: How purpose drives performance

Our new Vodcast “Leading with Purpose: How Purpose Drives Performance” explores how Virgin Media has embedded purpose in the organization, how the Oxford Leadership program (Leading with Purpose) has boosted their eNPS scores, and the story behind being a purpose-driven company (& team).

7 mins watch time

Purpose-driven leadership at Virgin Media

ExO CEO panel with the topic “Purpose-Driven Leadership” In this clip: Jeff Dodds, COO at Virgin Media talks about Leading with Purpose in one of UK’s largest Telco and Lifestyle Company.

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Using intuitive intelligence to guide decision-making

Do you trust your gut when it comes to the big stuff? Instincts and ‘hunches’ may have a comforting influence on day-to-day decisions, but when it comes to major strategic choices and matters of great complexity, intuition doesn’t often get a seat in the C-Suite.

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How purpose drives performance in organisations

Helping senior leadership teams and executives to lead ‘with a sense of responsibility for the whole’ has been our essential purpose for more than two decades.So, it’s pleasing to see that ‘Purpose- driven business’ has become a monumental movement.

34 mins watch time

IPA Keynote: Developing a growth mind set.

On July 10th our Chairman and Founder Brian Bacon talked at the IPA’s Business Growth Conference 2019 in London where he shares his perspective on developing a growth mind set, and in particular the relationship between personal and corporate growth.

5 mins read

Too good to fail: purpose-driven business

Since 1868, Tata Group has made a habit of putting communities first, and has thereby grown to a market capitalisation of $141 billion. Something’s clearly working here.

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