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Blueprint for Cultivating Cultures of Success: a leadership talk with Michal Oshman

Join our Oxford Leadership’s partners Michal Oshman and Marc Nohr in this leadership talk where Michal shares her journey and vision for pioneering transformation at Oxford Leadership. Coming from a distinguished background with experiences at Facebook and TikTok, and as a celebrated author, Michal steps into her role with a wealth of knowledge on organisational dynamics and leadership.

In this exclusive interview, Michal opens up about her deep connection with Oxford Leadership’s ethos—where personal growth and organisational objectives intersect to unlock unparalleled potential and instil lasting values. She dives into the essence of building a resonant organisational culture, highlighting its critical importance right from the outset and its role in steering successful strategies and outcomes.

Michal’s focus revolves around aligning organisational missions with individual actions and values, ensuring a harmonious blend that elevates both company culture and strategic aims.

She believes in the power of culture as the “transformative glue” that binds, motivates, and propels teams towards excellence. Through sharing her philosophical and practical insights, Michal emphasises the foundation of trust, consistency in management, and the creation of a psychologically safe environment for fostering high-performing teams and leaders.

Moreover, Michal discusses her ‘inside-out’ approach to transformation—stressing self-awareness and authenticity as the cornerstones of effective organisational change. Her personal evolution from an aspiring lawyer to a guiding light in organisational development underscores the transformative power of aligning with one’s passions.

Michal offers her sage advice on navigating the intricacies of transformational leadership, promoting systemic reflection, and encouraging inclusive dialogue for impactful change. Her aspiration for Oxford Leadership transcends professional achievements; it’s about nurturing a culture where career ambitions and personal life harmoniously coexist, setting a new standard for integrated work-life dynamics.

This interview is a must-watch for anyone aspiring to lead with authenticity, drive meaningful change, and create a culture where success is cultivated from within.

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