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Case Study | SEB

Developing people-oriented leaders who embrace a fast-changing environment.

Oxford Leadership was engaged to develop leaders who are able to handle constant change, adapt faster, and work more effectively through people.


Since 2006, SEB has been expanding internationally while at the same time the financial services industry is changing, constantly re-organising, and outsourcing. The increasing rules and regulations make it difficult for customers to do business with the bank. In response, the organisation decided to focus on efficiency through “Lean” concepts and has decided to turn from a culture of “Management” to a culture of “Leadership, Relationship and People”.

The challenge put to Oxford Leadership was to develop leaders who are able to handle constant change, adapt faster, and work more effectively through people. The ultimate goal was to improve the quality of leaders through self-knowledge. This was a bold decision for SEB as it offered their leaders the chance to question not only the right path for the organisation as a whole, but also for themselves personally.


Self-Managing Leadership® (SML) Programme

We can see the difference in the quality of leadership. We find our leaders are more aware of themselves and their behaviours – they have become mature. Good leadership starts with good knowledge about yourself. Oxford Leadership are very professional and were able to make a true impact on our leadership; in how they behave, in their relationships with themselves, and their employees. They have exactly the right people to work with leaders.

Eva Norrbohm
Programme Manager, Group HR – Leadership & Organisational Development


Over 1000 leaders at SEB have attended Oxford Leadership programmes, with a long waiting list for those wanting to attend in the future. The initial target group of Senior Leaders has expanded to include Project Leaders and Specialists, and leaders from other countries.

By embedding the change, SEB now has a different mind set. The decision to invest in their leaders proved worthwhile, as so many participants are grateful, regularly reporting that: “It is one of the best programmes they have attended”.

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