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Unlock potential in leaders & teams

MASTER Diploma

Transform your organisations leadership by empowering your leaders with WE/ME/US Leadership – designed to enhance self-management and cultivate high-performing team leadership.

MASTER Diploma

For who
Leaders & Managers

Online Cohort

4-5 Hrs per week

33 Weeks

Evolve your leadership to unlock performance in your teams

A comprehensive solution built on two of our flagship programmes – uniquely designed to equip leaders to lead themselves and teams in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment. Included is the SML® & HPLT Programme, and ME/WE/US leadership frameworks & methodologies.

Get a diploma as an accredited MASTER Leader with Oxford Leadership certification.

Develop a Personal Strategy and Action Plan for your personal leadership development journey.

Create a playbook with the tools, methodologies & frameworks to enable high-performance in teams.

Foster the optimal environment for high-performing teams to function better, faster, together.

Our alumni lead the world’s leading organisations

Outcomes for you

Be a future-ready leader that can steer teams and organisations with clarity amidst the ambiguity, complexity, and paradox in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Lead authentically as a purpose-driven leader – aligned with your values and your personal & professional goals.

Develop teams with shared purpose, psychological safety and the empathy & accountability needed for teams to perform at their best.

Sustain a balanced work-life dynamic while evolving as a leader, supported by a community of purpose-driven leaders, coaches & mentors.

Who is this for

Organisations looking to equip their leadership with the mindset, attitude and skillsets needed to create & foster high-performing teams.

Leaders and senior managers looking to grow, become a future-ready leader and evolve their leadership style.

High potentials identified as having the potential to grow into leadership roles and who are being groomed for future leadership positions.

Companies that want to invest in developing and enabling their leadership to steer their organisation with clarity amidst ambiguity, complexity, and paradox.

Setting the standard in leadership development

With 1 Million+ Alumni we’re a global leader in leadership development and our certification is acclaimed by senior leaders of large organisations and multinationals.

Diploma curriculum

A transformative journey built around our ME/WE/US leadership framework, starting with psychology & human behaviour based self-discovery, through to strategy, actionable plans, playbooks, and high-performing team leadership.

Phase 1
SML® Programme
10 Modules
32 hrs / 4 weeks

Self-Managing Leadership®

Leading Self
A powerful framework rooted in psychology & human behaviour to help individuals navigate life and work with clarity and confidence. Learn more ➔

Phase 2
HPTL Programme
6 Modules
16 hrs / 3 weeks

High-Performing Team Leadership

Mastering Teams
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Phase 3
Exam & Review
3 Sessions
4 hrs / 1 week

Leadership MASTER Certification

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Phase 4
Next Chapter

Tools, resources, learning,
coaching, mentoring

Continue to Develop & Grow

After certification you will continue to have 12 months of access to the PurposeLab® Leadership platform –  continue your learning & development as a future leader.

What our alumni say

“We have trained more than 90K employees with SML. This programme helps them to identify their purpose and their professional & personal fulfilment in life. Thanks to this, team building was strengthened in our organisation, employees felt stronger, more open and resilient to change.”

Silke Heitmann
Head of HR, Metro

“Oxford Leadership’s Self-Managing Leadership programme was by far the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations both personally and professionally.”

John Mahtani
Former Vice President, Warner Bros

“Top leaders will benefit from making a leadership journey that touches their hearts and minds. This is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organisational leadership.”

Heiko Hutmacher
Board of Management – CHRO, Makro

“Oxford Leadership is a long-term partner of Telefónica’s Corporate University. More than 2,000 Telefónica senior leaders have completed the Oxford Leadership courses, which consistently achieve the highest level of evaluation amongst our directors.”

Rory Simpson
Chief Learning Officer, Telefonica

“Opportunity to give time, effort in to renewing myself, my behaviours and my future with a wide variety of tools and techniques to open my mind.”

James Day
Head of O2 Money Marketing, Telefonica

“If we are able to lead ourselves in this authentic way, we will truly be able to mobilize those we lead, unlock the potential of the organisation and turn it into growth for our business. Together we will build a community that can be characterized as cohesive, inclusive, respectful, trustworthy and inspired.”

Tex Gunning
Managing Director, AkzoNobel

“Oxford Leadership™ enabled us to build a new corporate culture and develop the whole company... a pragmatic way of getting business results by connecting people with spirit, wholeness and learning.”

Rodrigo Loures
Former CEO, Nutrimental

“I’ve been through many high-end executive coaching, training and personal leadership programmes. What shocked me about this one was how incredibly sharp and insightful the resulting action plan was in terms of my vision, values and actions. The short, engaging and impactful videos created the space to go inwards. I intend to bring all new hires through this process as part of their development plan.”

Walter Roth
CEO, Inward Sales

“Oxford Leadership has a deep wealth of knowledge and wisdom into the complex transformational challenges facing organisations and their leaders today.”

Mats Lederhausen
Former CEO, McDonalds

What to expect

A rich experience and in-depth learning environment powered by our PurposeLab Leadership platform.

Unlock your inner “Why”

Dig down, do the work and find focus to frame why you do what you do to align your trajectory.

SML® Online Platform

Define your Purpose, Values & Vision and Goals with an Action plan to master the ability to lead self with authenticity.

High-Performing Team Leadership

Become a purpose-driven leader that can foster the environment for teams to function better, faster, together.

World-class Coaches

Facilitation & support from high-level coaches with 20+ years in leadership development and transformation.

Continued Learning

Programmes, content and tools to evolve your response in today’s complex & changing environment.

Alumni & Community

Connect and engage with a global leadership network of purpose-driven leaders.

Tools & Resources

A wealth of tools and resources to support you growth and development as a leader.


Certification as a ‘purpose-driven’ leader equipped to lead purpose-driven organisations.

Special Offers

Discounts, limited seats and a world of programmes, resources & tools from our extended network of partners.


Here are most common questions we are asked about the Leadership MASTER Diploma. If you have more specific questions speak a consultant here.

The programme is an immersive learning experience designed to help individuals identify their inner “why”, align their personal & professional values, goals, and vision. Providing participants with the insights, tools and strategies to perform better personally & professionally.

The programme cultivates personal and professional alignment, fostering higher engagement, improved productivity, and innovation within the workplace. It also contributes to improved employee satisfaction and retention, a stronger company culture, and better mental health and well-being.

Learn more about the impacts of employee engagement on organisational growth

The programme is designed for individuals at all levels within an organisation who want to take charge of their professional development, build stronger team relationships, and contribute more meaningfully in their personal & professional lives.

Yes, the SML® Programme is CPD certified, and it is recognised internationally. Upon completion, participant receive globally recognised certification.

Participants receive coaching support throughout and after the programme. Our experienced coaches guide participants through the transformation process and support them in realising their potential.

Note that level of coaching and support is based on what is established with the client in the programme design and set-up.

The programme is delivered through an interactive online journey on our digital platform, with coaches that facilitate and support the participants process.

Programme can also be delivered locations based in-person or hybrid (in-person + online)

This platform can be customised to align with your organisation’s strategy and internal initiatives.

The SML Programme boasts a high NPS rating of over 94% on average, due to the high level of satisfaction among participants.

Yes, the SML® Programme is an enterprise solution offering and can be delivered online to hundreds or even thousands of your employees at a time.

Evolve your leadership

Become a leadership master by mastering ME/WE/US leadership with the Leadership MASTER Diploma

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