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Varinka Bouma-Iseli

Varinka is a seasoned leadership coach. After having successfully fulfilled a leadership role for many years herself, and her many years of experience in coaching leaders she has developed a razor-sharp intuition for the needs of her clients.

Her approach is to the point and playful. Humour and fun helps her to interact in a subtle way, evoking an impactful transformation. She works internationally and is based in The Netherlands.​


Varinka loves working with leaders who want to find or revisit their purpose, want to get unstuck, increase their influence as a leader or want to (re)boost their self confidence. ​

Working with her means discovering yourself and breaking through limiting beliefs to become an even better version of yourself! And thus a better leader!​

She uses a mix of proven methods, based on what is needed in the moment. (see qualifications)​


  • Varinka has a Bachelor In Hospitality Management and Business Administration.
  • She believes in lifelong learning and has various certifications, and is always of deepen her knowledge to mix & match what is needed for her clients.​
  • Certified International NLP trainer & Coach​
  • Co-Active Coach (CTI) (certification in progress)​
  • Licensed HeartMath Coach​
  • Deep Democracy / ORSC​
  • ICF member​

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