Define your strengths and find your purpose for the next chapter

Develop your inner compass to guide critical decisions for the next chapter of your life.

This online self-leadership course provides a structure to isolate your real strengths (and weaknesses), define your core purpose and focus on the values which will shape your authentic self and relationships.

To help people working from home, we have made selected parts of our famous (900,000 alumni) Self-Managing Leadership Online Program available completely free, for a limited time.

The ‘Find Your Purpose’ program is a proven 4 step online course to identify your core strengths, your purpose and values that will guide critical decisions needed for your next chapter in life, whether it’s personal, work, or both.

Are you at the crossroads? Need to make some big decisions about the next chapter of your life?

The future isn’t clear for anyone at this time, that’s why you need a reliable inner compass to help navigate through the storm. Knowing your strengths, purpose and values will help you steer your life towards the best opportunities.

The “Find Your Purpose” Course is an opportunity to transform yourself from the inside-out. It will guide you through video-based reflections on big questions that provide amazing insights about yourself, your purpose, and what you can do to influence your life. The course is based on Oxford Leadership’s Self-Managing Leadership (SML) Program, previously limited to senior executives through their corporate universities, but now available to anyone who would like to work on their personal growth and Self-Leadership.

The “Find Your Purpose” Program

You will be guided through four modules that focus on:

1. FACTS: Looking at your “lifeline”, where you have come from and how you ended up where you are today.

2. INSIGHTS: What does your lifeline tell you about yourself, what are your real strengths and weaknesses?

3. PURPOSE: What gives your life most meaning? What is your ‘Why’? You will have a structured approach to deep dive within. Reflective questions guide your discoveryprocess to help you emerge with a sense of meaning. This provides inside-out energy and internal drive.

4. VALUES: Define the values and principles that will guide the decisions you need to make to bring your purpose to life. If your purpose is your “Why, your Values are your “How”. When these are defined and articulated, you will have an internal compass to guide you, and help you stay true to yourself, on track, through life and all big decisions you are faced with. 

The online program provides a unique structure to define your purpose and develop an internal compass

The program modules available in this limited offer

Module 1

Where have I come from and how did I get here?

Identify what stage you are at in your life. You will see where you’ve come from and what you’ve learned. You will identify what (good and bad) patterns of thinking, responding and behaving you’ve acquired. You will discover what scale of change is needed. You will also learn about presence and the ‘total intelligence’ of the leader.

Module 2

What does my story tell me about myself?

Assess the personal strengths and positive patterns that you can build on for the next chapter in your life. You will also identify the weaknesses and negative patterns that need to be dealt with. You will learn how to develop the art of becoming the ‘detached observer’ to get perspective and understand what’s really going on.

Module 3

If I live my truth, what am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Learn about the power of your purpose and keeping the right intention. You will work on clarifying your “why” and developing your personal compass for the next chapter in your life. You will learn the key to influence your next chapter and trajectory.

Module 4

What values and guiding principles support my “why”?

Identify the values that are connected to your purpose in order to guide and influence major choices, decisions and relationships. You will learn how to detect the values which give shape and definition to your character as an individual and person.

What people are saying

“I have never come across such a well-thought-out process that really DOES WORK! This course hits right to the core. I feel empowered, inspired and ready to help change the world in my own way. Everyone should do this online course!“
John Mahtani, Warner Bros
Former Vice President
“It asked me questions about my professional life but also my personal life. It made me realise that who you are as a leader is a mashup of the two: you can’t separate them as that makes you who you are, and therefore how you lead. What I also realised is that I only just started this journey to become a leader, and it’s about the next 10-20 years”
Tracy Hapman, BBH
Executive Account Manager
“I’ve been through many high-end executive coaching, training and personal leadership programmes. What shocked me about this one was how incredibly sharp and insightful the resulting action plan was in terms of my vision, values and actions. The short, engaging and impactful videos created the space to go inward and get clear on what drives me and my business at a deeper level”
Walter Roth, Inward Sales
“I found the content of the SML programme useful; the online form is very flexible. Brian Bacon is doing a really good job in the videos. The inner compass model used in the programme is brilliant and easy to remember. The programme broadened my perspective and made me more present, relaxed and effective.
Erik Göras, Scania
Senior Manager

Find Your Purpose is based on the most successful Self-Leadership course in the world, with over 900,000 alumni


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