Susana is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

She is a Senior Executive specialising in corporate education, business school and training consulting. She has extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of leadership Programmes working with Senior Management and C-Levels. Based in France, Susana works in English, Spanish and French.

Susana has also worked as a consultant and facilitator in numerous Leadership Interventions and participated as a Leadership Development Expert in a number of international events. Most recently Susana was a keynote speaker at the Annual ADHRA Conference (The Association of Human Resources Argentina). Susana has extensive experience in Talent Management, Business Development and New Client Development for Custom Executive Solutions, covering Multiple Dimensions. These include coaching, psychometric assessments, market research, business intelligence, and the development of a large network of contacts / peers.

Susana holds a Masters Degree and has developed her career and education around Business Administration (INSEAD’s Young Managers Programme) and Leadership Development (CCL’s Leadership Development Programme and Coaching for Development Programme).

EADS, BBVA, Santander, Grupo Ferrovial, Telefonica, BASF, DSM, Rabobank

It was terrific and frankly speaking unexpected. Absolutely relevant to what matters most to me. I have high expectations as to what I can actually achieve after this. I enjoyed the silent guidance of the group workshops and the wonderful people contributing sincerely.
Alejandro Becerra Manager Security TechnologiesTelefónica - Spain
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