Juan Carlos is a Partner of Oxford Leadership.

Juan Carlos is a leading organisational change consultant for the public and private sectors. During the last 15 years he has been involved in several major transformations. Juan Carlos has experience as a practitioner of change, specialising in the creative and innovative aspects of leadership for truly efficient strategic execution. He has served as a Special Advisor for Presidents, Ministers and CEOs and is one of the global coordinators for the Government branch of Oxford Leadership. Based in Mexico, Juan Carlos works in Spanish and English.

Juan Carlos is an expert at organisational transformation through gaining awareness of where we are, assuming the responsibility by clarifying the focus, and moving into action. Juan Carlos works by defining strategic projects and engaging in diligent follow-up with a clear sense of accountability, human touch, cultural depth and stakeholders integration. This has brought him remarkable results in complex challenges involving strategic convergence and cultural transformation within private and public organisations, where he has helped them define a strategic course, and identify the few projects that could make the biggest difference.

Juan Carlos holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and Finance, from the Tec of Monterrey (ITESM). He is an accredited expert in Innovation by Buzan Worldwide, and on Values-Driven Cultural Transformation by the Values Barrett Centre. He is also an Executive Coach certified by the Meta-Coach Foundation.

Tec de Monterrey, Expo Guadalajara, BVA Bancomer, Geoban, Telefónica, Femsa, Cemex, Nutrimental of Brasil, Red Ambiental, Electric Research Institute, the Ministry of Economy, the Office of the Attorney General, the Government of Guanajuato, the Office of the President of Mexico, COFOCE and PROMEXICO

Juan Carlos helped us by giving order and direction to our work in the Attorney’s General Office. His sense of strategy and sensibility to involve and get engaged all relevant actors around a common vision was crucial to define a clear path in our transformational process.
Arturo Chávez ChávezFormer Attorney GeneralGovernment of Mexico
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