World-class expertise in strategy execution, leadership development, and executive coaching

We partner and support multinational corporations in mastering change, implementing organisational transformation, and accelerating socially responsible performance by aligning people, purpose and strategy.

We’re a global leadership consultancy comprised of coaches, consultants and facilitators that are helping CEOs and Management Teams execute strategy, accelerate performance, master change, and make consistently good choices, faster, and together – often in complex and globally dispersed teams and organisations. We develop leaders with the thinking, feeling and intuitive skills needed to succeed in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. Typical interventions are to accelerate performance, execute strategy and embed capability and change.

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Our proven methodologies are based on more than 32 corporate turnarounds and performance acceleration assignments in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. These methodologies accelerate growth and performance. They develop people and culture by emphasising collaboration, teamwork, accountability and a fierce resolve to win.”.

We have +900,000 executive alumni and our programmes are core curriculum in many of our clients’ corporate universities.

We help leaders and teams:

Master the speed and complexity of global business

Make the right decisions, faster and more consistently

Develop the focus, will, and capability to succeed

Implement and execute strategy with fierce resolve

Grow next-generation leaders who transform business

Leadership 4.0
We are developing high-performing, purpose driven leaders with the character, competence and judgement needed to steer complex global enterprises to success during the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Our Global Practice Areas provide in-depth focus and expertise in specialist areas


Specialists in strategy execution amid complexity and change, helping organisations align people and culture with strategy for enduring success and accelerated performance.


Our innovative programmes help organisations to create alignment around purpose, to improve the engagement and teamwork required for enhanced overall performance.


Fast-track development and improved performance. We design and develop customised coaching programmes for C-Suite, board members, senior executives and organisational teams.

We work in global practice areas (GPA), each with functional experts in leadership development, team and executive coaching, or organisational consulting. Since GPAs span geographies, we can ensure that the highly skilled and experienced talent most suitable for the assignment is engaged, regardless of where they are based are based.

Inside Out Approach to Change

Based on scientific research into how the brain creates habits and patterns, and how it feels, senses, synthesises, and makes connections and choices.

Knowing and leading self is the prerequisite for leading others.
‘When you change, the world changes’.

Level 01 » Individual Developing the leader from the inside out.

It all starts with the self

Level 02 » Team
Developing team’s emotional intelligence, trust and commitment to a purpose beyond the individual.

Level 03 » Organisation Developing collective organisational wisdom, making leaders and organisations more agile, engaged, and accountable.

Level 04 » Community Creating a team of teams. Interconnected communities & networks united by a common purpose.

Culture & Strategy Alignment

Leaders learn to master winds and currents to align people and culture with strategy – driving strong business results.

If the winds are blowing east to west, but the currents are flowing west to east, is there any doubt in which direction the iceberg will travel?

Getting it Right

Alignment, engagement, and accountability are key to strategy execution and effective leadership.

The most succesful organisations, and effective leaders, know that business must benefit society – they are inspired and guided by a purpose that goes beyond products, profits and personal agendas.

Doing the right things = Focus + Will
Doing things right = Capability

Programme Design

Our programmes are designed to addresses the total intelligence of an organisation’s leadership.

Co-created, blended learning programmes and solutions engage the person as a whole – forging strong connections between individual, team, and organisational goals. Holistic leadership drives organisational performance, creates better work places and working conditions, and benefits society as a whole.

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