Integrate business and personal priorities, sharpen leadership skills and develop capacity to execute strategy with passion and fierce resolve.

Proprietary method for focusing leadership teams and entire organisations on the few things that make the greatest difference. We have implemented Strategic Focusing in some of the world’s largest corporations to focus and empower people, create fierce resolve and align organisational capabilities in the execution of strategy.

See through complexity to key things you must do to succeed – then co-create a “plan to win” that everyone understands, and is passionate about achieving. Create alignment, engagement, and mutual accountability among all team members.

Leaders move beyond taking responsibility solely for their own area, to embrace a sense of “cabinet responsibility” for the whole – it allows them to:

Make better decisions, together, faster

Increase agility in responding to rapidly changing contexts

Craft key strategic messages for stakeholders

Focus on key things that make the greatest difference

Monitor results and make strategic adjustments

Identify required changes in organisational culture


01. Develop a common understand-ing of the current situation
02. Help everyone see the big picture
03. Appreciate the real issues and learn lessons from the past
04. Define a common intention and create a sense of purpose
05. Clarify the values and guiding principles for decision-making
06. Create a pragmatic vision of success
07. Provide an opportunity to influence the future
08. Adopt a proactive posture and improved response-ability
09. Identify root causes of barriers to effective execution
10. Define clear goals and objectives in key result areas
11. Provide a sense of direction, continuity and leadership
12. Plug everyone into the system and provide standards of accountability for people, programmes and  allocated resources

Download the programme overview brochure for more information about the core methodologies and key benefits.

Strategy execution amidst complexity and change – helping you align people and culture with strategy, for enduring success.

Oxford Leadership™ helped our Group Management Team significantly sharpen our strategic focus, create alignment, strengthen teamwork and improve overall performance of the Electrolux Group.
Keith McLoughlinPresident and CEOElectrolux AB
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