Values-based leadership is the foundation of a fair, humane and ecologically respectful society.

Our purpose is to develop high-performing, purpose-driven leaders with the character, competence and judgement needed to steer complex global enterprises to success during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This requires a potent combination of strategy, character, competence and a heart that cares. We take our own medicine by continuous inside-out development of partners, faculty and staff based on core competencies informed by our purpose and values.

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A Spirit of Service is the foundation of our values, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Values Model

Our Values

Rigorous: Do your homework. Start with the facts. Search for evidence. Be structured and planned. Go deep. Follow through.

Vigorous: Be fierce in your resolve. Be passionate and powerful. Be intensely upbeat. Be humble and helpful.

Generous: Be kind. Be open-hearted. Collaborate. Work with love. Share. Be surprisingly cooperative.

Curious: Challenge your assumptions. Look beyond the obvious. Zoom out to see the whole picture. Turn conflict into a conversation.

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