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SML® Transformer Programme

When employee engagement thrives, so do your organisation.

Transform engagement in your people to unlock productivity, drive innovation, and foster the commitment to win.

Trusted partner for transformation programmes

Amplify engagement by growing your people.

Cultivate your people and leaders at all levels, help them align personal & professional goals, to drive employee engagement across your organisation.

The Self-Managing Leadership® (SML®) programme is a powerful framework based on psychology and human behaviour, designed to enhance individuals’ clarity and confidence in navigating life and work.

A transformation programme designed to help people:

Align with inner “why” and a sense of purpose

Align personal & professional values, vision, and goals

Identify negative and positive patterns/habits & behaviours

Create an attainable future vision for oneself

Recognise and put in place a plan to overcome barriers

Enhance emotional intelligence and self awareness

Emerge with concrete strategies for self-management

Implement a 90 Day Action Plan for transformation

By empowering your people with the insights, tools, and strategies to grow, they are better equipped to perform personally and professionally.

Programme Features

Unlock the self-leadership potential within your people

Elevate your organisation’s leadership capabilities with a programme designed for transformative collective growth. Our proven framework is engineered to unlock purpose and potential in people.

Internationally Acclaimed Certification
Our programme is a leader in the field, receiving worldwide acclaim from top-tier executives for its excellence in leadership development.

Enhanced Coaching Support
Expert coaching from Oxford Leadership SML® certified professionals guarantees impactful learning and ensures skills are effectively woven into the fabric of everyday work.

Outstanding Participant Endorsement
Averaging over a 94% Net Promoter Score, our SML® Programme is celebrated for its profound, often life-changing impact on participants

Recognised Curriculum Leadership
Our SML® Programme, central to many corporate universities and CPD certified, is highly esteemed for its transformative impact on senior leadership.

Co-create Solutions to Fit

Align with organisational strategy & initiatives.

Customisable solutions to align the programme & online platform with your organisational strategy, internal initiatives and brand – maximising participant engagement and outcomes.

Accelerate innovation through increased engagement.

When people emotionally connect with their work, they become more invested and motivated. This connection enhances creativity and commitment, leading to greater innovation.

Increased engagement
By developing a balanced interplay between personal and professional life, SML®  cultivates heightened levels of engagement.

Enhanced productivity
Engaged employees are motivated employees, driving greater output and better results.

Faster innovation
When employees feel connected to their work, they’re more likely to think creatively and contribute fresh ideas.

Higher satisfaction & retention
High engagement levels lead to happier employees who are more likely to stay with the organisation, reducing turnover and recruitment costs.

Improved mental health & well being
Less stress & anxiety due to clearer sense of direction and better self-management skills – less overwhelm, less burn-out.

SML® Programme Curriculum

A transformational journey to align people with purpose.

Participants are guided through a meticulously crafted process of analysis and self-discovery to get deep insight about themselves and then led thorough a process defining goals and setting strategies for implementing a personalised 90-day action plan.

Where have I come from and how did I get here?
  • Identify what stage you are at in your life.
  • You will see where you’ve come from and what you’ve learned.
  • You will identify what (good and bad) patterns of thinking, responding and behaving you’ve acquired.
  • You will discover what scale of change is needed. You will also learn about presence and the ‘total intelligence’ of the leader.
What does my story tell me about myself?
  • Assess the personal strengths and positive patterns that you can build on for the next chapter in your life.
  • You will also identify the weaknesses and negative patterns that need to be dealt with.
  • You will learn how to develop the art of becoming the ‘detached observer’ to get perspective and understand what’s really going on.
If I live my truth, what am I supposed to be doing with my life?
  • Learn about the power of your purpose and keeping the right intention.
  • You will work on clarifying your “why” and developing your personal compass for the next chapter in your life.
  • You will learn the key to influence your next chapter and trajectory.
What values and guiding principles support my “why”?
  • Identify the values that are connected to your purpose in order to guide and influence major choices, decisions and relationships.
  • You will learn how to detect the values which give shape and definition to your character as an individual and person.
What does my vision ideally point to? How do I need to adjust the way I see?
  • Learn about the power of your purpose and keeping the right intention.
  • You will work on clarifying your “why” and developing your personal compass for the next chapter in your life.
  • You will learn the key to influence your next chapter and trajectory.
What are the barriers that I will probably face while moving towards my vision?
  • In this session you will explore the obstacles and challenges that need to be dealt with for you to be able to achieve your vision.
  • You will identify the root cause of old patterns that are compromising your success.
What do I do and how do I do it?
  • In these sessions you will identify the choices and decisions that reinforce your goals and strategies for achieving your vision.
What are the immediate steps to move towards my vision?
  • You will be guided in developing an action plan for the implementation of the change you are looking for in your life and career.
  • You will learn how to sustain your energy, commitment and enthusiasm for the direction you choose.
What habits and patterns do I need to change?
  • In this session you will discover ways to carry your action plan into reality and how to establish new habits and vital behaviours for success.

Learn how SML® drives meaningful transformation & engagement at scale.

Our methodologies and frameworks have helped some of the biggest organisations around the world develop 300,000+ transformational leaders and unlock purpose-driven performance.

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A step-by-step framework formerly exclusive to Fortune 500 leaders.

Join over 300,000 purpose-driven leaders experiencing enhanced engagement and satisfaction in both their work and professional lives.

Participant Stories

Discover how SML® drives transformation at all levels of the organisation.

Global network of 200+ world-class online coaches 

Helping leaders strategise their lives for more than 30 years.


Here are common questions we are asked about the SML® Transformer Programme. If you have more specific questions speak a consultant here.

The programme is an immersive learning experience designed to help individuals identify their inner “why”, align their personal & professional values, goals, and vision. Providing participants with the insights, tools and strategies to perform better personally & professionally.

The programme cultivates personal and professional alignment, fostering higher engagement, improved productivity, and innovation within the workplace. It also contributes to improved employee satisfaction and retention, a stronger company culture, and better mental health and well-being.

Learn more about the impacts of employee engagement on organisational growth

The programme is designed for individuals at all levels within an organisation who want to take charge of their professional development, build stronger team relationships, and contribute more meaningfully in their personal & professional lives.

Yes, the SML® Programme is CPD certified, and it is recognised internationally. Upon completion, participant receive globally recognised certification.

Participants receive coaching support throughout and after the programme. Our experienced coaches guide participants through the transformation process and support them in realising their potential.

Note that level of coaching and support is based on what is established with the client in the programme design and set-up.

The programme is delivered through an interactive online journey on our digital platform, with coaches that facilitate and support the participants process.

Programme can also be delivered locations based in-person or hybrid (in-person + online)

This platform can be customised to align with your organisation’s strategy and internal initiatives.

The SML Programme boasts a high NPS rating of over 94% on average, due to the high level of satisfaction among participants.

Yes, the SML® Programme is an enterprise solution offering and can be delivered online to hundreds or even thousands of your employees at a time.

Amplify engagement in your people

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