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Team Performance Programme

Result and Purpose-Driven Teams

Is your team ready to go from ‘me’ to ‘we’? This proven programme can help any team at any level unlock the power of purpose and maximise their potential & performance.

High-performing teams don’t grow themselves. They take careful cultivation.

Leading with Purpose for Teams uses our proven 10-step leadership development framework to accelerate your team-building. It leads directly to higher performance and faster delivery.

It will help you and your team to understand one another better; enable you to determine a shared purpose, vision and values; empower you to develop a clear strategy and action plan to execute it; and give you the tools you need to break down the barriers you face.

Let our team of world-class consultants help transform your team’s performance for good.

“The insights gained helped me and my peer group understand our personal & professional goals, as well as any barriers & opportunities, and then to take that information to forge a plan for personal & professional success. On this journey we tapped into each others’ perspectives improving our ability to collaborate & communicate, which helped us to formulate a common purpose both for ourselves, as the leadership team, and for our wider team.”

Barbara Nash
Legal & Corporate Affairs, Virgin Media

Proven method for unlocking purpose & performance.

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How you need it

Maximise your team’s potential in the way that suits your learning styles. Choose 100% online or a blend of online and in person.

Perfect for all teams, at all levels

Time after time, LWP for Teams has been proven to transform team performance quickly and for good.

Co-create your Team Manifesto

Together you’ll make an action plan you all agree to execute – and determine how you do it. We’ll check in after 90 days to make sure everything is still on track.

Exclusive alumni group membership

Network with millions of people who have already joined our Oxford Leadership’s purpose-driven tribe.

“Since Virgin Media's leaders took the Lead With Purpose programme in 2020 there has been an increase in motivation & engagement - 31% eNPS score, up 17% from 2019 and company wide engagement is up 8% from its 2019 score.”

Maximise your team’s potential & performance in five proven steps.

Our tried and tested approach has already helped teams all over the world to take the next step. It has been proven to dramatically improve performance and delivery. And it does so ultra-fast.

Sprint 1

How is the team performing now? How can you work together to change that?
It’s vital that everyone who takes part is absolutely honest about the issues the team is facing now. So every member of your team needs to share their perspective on what’s really going on. You also need to determine your own personal purpose. Only by finding your individual ‘why’ can we help you work to find a common ‘how’.


Sprint 2

Unleash the transformative power of purpose
The first thing every team that wants to transform its performance needs is a shared sense of purpose. That’s the key to purpose-driven leadership. But before that, you need to share your own personal purpose. Once all your fellow team members understand where you are all coming from, then it becomes much easier to work out – and consciously sign up to – what you’re trying to achieve together.


Sprint 3

Sharing your personal vision and values to shape your team’s
Each team member will bring their own vision and values to the team-building process. What we need to do is work together to create a shared vision and values which will help to drive all the team forward. By aligning these with your common purpose, you can help ensure that all of your efforts are pushing in the same direction.


Sprint 4

What’s going to stop you and how are you going to get through it?
Now each of you will create your own personal 90-day action plan, in order to help you execute your own personal strategy for purpose-driven leadership. Then we will bring those together to create our secret weapon, the Team Manifesto. This is your shared commitment to the goals you are aiming to achieve as well as the strategy by which you have agreed to achieve them.


Sprint 5

Reviewing your Team Manifesto action plan
In this final sprint, we reflect on the Team Manifesto and the action plan you have committed to in order to ensure that they are optimised and will deliver the goals for which you are aiming. The entire team formally commits to them, and we introduce the buddy system that will help you keep your promises.

“I have been through many leadership programmes before, but none has had the same impact as OLDP on my approach to life and work. It has definitely changed me as a leader.”

Santiago Gowland
Former Vice President - Brand & Social Responsibility, Unilever

“OLDP and Strategic Focusing enabled us to build a new corporate culture based on trust & collaboration, focused on the development of the whole company in an eco-based way, instead of the traditional command-control and competitive ego-based way.”

Rodrigo Loures
Former CEO, Nutrimental

“Oxford Leadership™ helped our Group Management Team significantly sharpen our strategic focus, create alignment, strengthen teamwork and improve overall performance of the Electrolux Group.”

Keith McLoughlin
President and CEO, Electrolux

“If we are able to lead ourselves in this authentic way, we will truly be able to mobilize those we lead, unlock the potential of the organisation and turn it into growth for our business. Together we will build a community that can be characterized as cohesive, inclusive, respectful, trustworthy and inspired.”

Tex Gunning
Managing Director, AkzoNobel

“The Self-Managing Leadership programme was the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations personally & professionally.”

John Mahtani
Former Vice President, Warner Bros

“What I’ve learned from Oxford Leadership™ is bigger than words. My perception of myself, of my life, of the world, and of my place in this world is today totally different from what it was 4 months ago. My individualistic approach to leadership has moved to a more humanistic one. The effect on my work has been significant and sustained.”

Sirivan Chaleunxay
General Electric

“During a highly turbulent period in the history of our 100-year-old company, Oxford Leadership defined a new focus for the company and helped build the determination, confidence and commitment amongst our managers to lead the change. We have achieved exceptional growth both in revenue and profitability.I consider this to be the fruit of the Oxford Leadership’s programmes during this critical period.”

J.L. Shah
Managing Director, Atul Industries

“We can see the difference in the quality of leadership. We find our leaders are more aware of themselves and their behaviours - they have become mature. Good leadership starts with good knowledge about yourself. Oxford Leadership are very professional and were able to make a true impact on our leadership; in how they behave, in their relationships with themselves, and their employees.”

Eva Norrbohm
Programme Manager, Group HR - Leadership & Organisational Development, SEB


Rest assured, you’re not the only person to have had questions and queries about Leading with Purpose for Teams. Here are some of our answers to what people most commonly ask us. If you have a more specific question please talk to one of our consultants.

Leading with Purpose for Teams has been proven to help teams at all levels to maximise their potential and performance. It’s based on tried and tested methodologies, and makes a quantifiable difference.

LWP for Teams has already helped many team members in exactly your situation. It provides a shared purpose round which the whole team can rally going forward, regardless of where they came from.

Firstly, the entire process has been tested rigorously and proven in the heat of the workplace, so we know that each of its elements is reliable and fit for purpose. Secondly, we have purposefully included a 90-day check-up as part of the programme, so that we can work together to optimise your manifesto and ensure it is delivering what you need.

You can’t press pause in today’s disrupted business world. So all our programmes are designed to help your organisation transform while it continues to perform. LWP for Teams is no exception – it can be delivered in as little as five weeks but can also be paced to your liking, based on workloads, team availability or other practical considerations.

Your team can choose to participate either 100% online or with a blend of online and in-person facilitation.

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