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Executive Coaching Programme

High-Peformance Team Coaching

Developing senior teams that consistently deliver breakthrough results, together, faster.

We coach Senior Teams by working with them on their actual, mission-critical business issues.

High-performing teams are built on stretch goals, commitment to excellence, trust, and clear norms for communication.

HPT Coaching is our unique approach to developing teams, which consistently delivers breakthrough results. Based on our extensive experience with many of the world’s top senior management teams, HPT Coaching takes a strategic approach to the optimisation of talent, team functioning and development.

In High-Performance Team Coaching (HPTC), we partner with C-suite and senior leadership teams to assist in:

  • Individual leadership assessment
  • Creation of an Individual Development Plan
  • Initial session with leader being coached, to discuss the assessments and Individual Development Plan
  • Confidential executive coaching on a mutually agreed schedule

Programme Brochure

Download the programme overview for more information about the core methodologies and key benefits.

HPTC will help senior teams to:

01. Develop and adopt a compelling shared purpose.

02. Align around a coherent goal and agree a clear strategy to achieve it.

03. Establish clear decision rights.

04. Put in place structured team operating processes.

05. Understand and improve relationships within the team.

06. Adopt a clear method and means of communication.

“Oxford Leadership™ enabled us to build a new corporate culture and develop the whole company... a pragmatic way of getting business results by connecting people with spirit, wholeness and learning.”

Rodrigo Loures
Former CEO, Nutrimental

“Axel is a very self-motivated person who excels in bringing the best out of his coaches. Punctual, reliable and always willing to help. He takes action whenever he sees an issue arising and consistently looks for improvements. I very much like working with him.”

Niels Cotur
Head of Date Analysis, Makro

“Ann-Sofie is a highly competent trainer. Her great skills as trainer, coach and leader were very much present throughout the course and she showed great enthusiasm which encouraged others to follow.”

Nima Rafiei
Ericsson Research, Ericsson

“The Oxford Leadership Journey with Jeroen and his team was an exciting and lasting experience for me. In his coaching sessions, due to his experience and observation skills, I learned a lot about my personality and gained a better understanding of my behaviour. This enabled me to make a big step forward in developing my competencies for both my personal and professional life.”

Bernhard Heyder
Vice President Procurement and Logistics, BASF

“Our professional association with Kristina Zumpolle for team and individual coaching assignments is proving to be an integral part of performance enhancement on an individual and team level within our organisation. It has also become part of our on-boarding program for associates assigned to new functions.”

Cathy Wilson
VP Human Resources, Footlocker

“Angela is the ultimate professional. She always received high ratings from those she coached for her insight into the person and the assessments related to their style and impact. Angela is an excellent partner on program design because she brings her expertise in leadership and coaching with a willingness to modify to meet the client or organization's needs.”

Eileen Flynn
Former HR Director, Johnson & Johnson

“Ulli has worked with our board as a team and on an individual basis. His great strength is to translate clear, analytical thinking into pragmatic solutions. Ulli has a very sympathetic and optimistic way of communicating. Within his coaching, he always keeps a passionate focus on the individual’s strengths, to free people´s maximum personal potential and develop them into great leaders.”

Dr. Klaus Kinkel
Ex- Foreign Minister/Vice-Chancellor of Germany, CEO, Deutsche Telekom

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