Transforming performance through leadership and culture

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Oxford Leadership consultants work on the ‘people and culture’ side of large-scale organisational turnarounds. We have over 20 years of experience and considerable expertise in strategy execution and organisational transformation.

Using proven, research-based methodologies, programmes and tools to accelerate performance and create breakthrough solutions, we design and facilitate transformational interventions that create alignment, engagement and accountability. We are hired to support cultural integration following mergers and acquisitions, to execute strategy, as well as effect organisational transformation during times of disruptive change.

We have an established international network of world-class partners, consultants, and coaches which enables us to deliver large-scale leadership interventions with consistent quality throughout all major world markets.

Our Offering

Whole system and culture change methodologies that increase ownership, engagement, and personal initiative across all levels of the organisation.

Propriety method that aligns and focuses leadership teams. Provides a step-by-step approach to master organisational complexity, co-creating a “plan to win” that everyone understands and is passionate about achieving.

Dynamic process to accelerate innovation, reduce resistance to change, increase the speed of decision-making and generate fierce resolve for breakthrough initiatives.


Strategy execution amidst complexity and change – helping you align people and culture with strategy, for enduring success.

Our programmes accelerate performance in organisations and teams – driving strong results.

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Robin is a truly embodied leader. She meets the world ‘vertically’ aligned: she integrates values, capabilities and deep personal wisdom. Her capacity to coach and offer guidance in organizational transformation is grounded, practical, and inspired. She is the real deal when it comes to walking the talk.
Shuli GoodmanExecutive DirectorLF Energy
In my 25 years of leading, the customized team optimization process designed and delivered by Scott and his team was by far the most impactful and meaningful development experience of my career. The process elevated my team to new levels of clarity and dialogue, leading to greater trust, productivity, and results.
C-Suite MemberCigna
The unique leadership program run by Scott and Najeeb was an experience I will never forget, providing me unattainable clarity in a moment when I needed it most - in my career and life.
Senior Vice PresidentAmgen
Najeeb is an engaging and purposeful facilitator and coach in executive leadership development. Drawing equally from non-profit and corporate experiences, he has a rare ability to pose the unsettling question or challenge that urges an individual or group forward to higher levels of performance.
Executive Team MemberWorldFish Center
You gained the respect and trust of our senior leaders across a geographically diverse and complex global business region as a partner and solutions broker.
Regional PresidentBristol-Myers Squibb
I have done a number of leadership development programs over the course of my career, and I can say without any hesitation or exaggeration, that the program with Emma Laing was by far the most interesting, challenging and effective. Emma has a level of skill and professionalism in this area that is rarely seen.  It is not uncommon to have facilitators who cannot themselves demonstrate the level of leadership that they are “asking” the group to reach.  This is certainly not the case when dealing with Emma.  Her level of leadership is genuine and even inspiring, she is able to guide and challenge people to greater things. This has definitely been the case for me.  I can sincerely say that much of what Emma passed on to us, I am using on a very regular basis in my dealings with colleagues, my staff and even my children.
Executive, Operations Group, Construction Industry
You are great to understand your client... who she is, what drives her, her fears, strengths and what makes her happy and what not... this us very strong and important skill. You are very structured which is fantastic, very to the point and help to create deliverables,  you embark coaching fun, you anticipate the situation that your client will have to face...
Global Executive, Insurance sector
I have personally experienced your coaching style as intuitive and transformative yet always in a clear collaborative structure focusing on tangible actions to take forward. You're great at helping your coachee develop and explore and trust their intuition. you're unique. Your rich and global experience make you a wonderful counterpart able to offer a fresh and relevant perspective on what your coachee want to work on.
Global Leader, Commercial Transformation Program, Energy sector
The SML program led by Cecilia McKay was truly transformational, Admittedly the work challenged me to “dig deep” in the development, acceptance and leaning into my authentic self. Cecilia’s mastery of the coaching approach combined with her compassion created the space for true transformation. Using the SML combined with Mrs. Olivares coaching skills created a unique opportunity to move beyond the superficial and examine my values, beliefs and bias to develop my unique purpose. This purposeful living continues to resonate through both my personal and professional life.
Brandi Trudell
“Karin, thank you so much for giving me the most deeply insights in my life. I've loved the SML programme which I consider as genious but not until talking to you it was possible for me to understand what it means to my lifeline.You are not only a very intelligent women with deep insights but furthermore you have the gift to sense exactly what are the clues and transport it in such a sensitive and pleasant way that enables your conversational partner to realize and, more important, feel the reasons for actual behaviour, barriers and chances to grow. I highly recommend you as an extraordinary, highly effective coach!
Katja SprickDirector of reintegration managementTeam Bank Germany 
Varinka’s enthusiasm and personal approach are contagious. I soon felt eager to dig into my issues on a level I hadn’t imagined, but it felt so easy with her there.
I had a privilege of having Katy as a coach during a 9-month coaching program. Katy helped me define my goals, showed me useful tools and followed up on each step of my development. Katy really has great coach qualities: she is a good listener but also gives her opinion, she helps you keep motivated and keeps asking all the right questions at the right time. She helped me see myself with new eyes and I deeply appreciate it.
Aleksandra HolmlundFounder & CEOOmorica AB
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