A proven methodology for rapidly accelerating performance and achieving breakthrough results in complex environments.

Performance Accelerator is Oxford Leadership™’s methodology for generating breakthrough results within a short time. It is a proven way of aligning key players and building a high-performing team. Teams focus on co-creating solutions to one single, critical business issue that will have the greatest impact on short-term performance.

Accelerate performance and improve results by increasing alignment, cohesion, engagement, and accountability.

Performance Accelerator is a powerful, highly-structured process that brings together key leaders and experts from across the organisation, to focus on one core issue at a time.

Oxford Leadership consultants co-facilitate the process with members of your leadership team to ensure buy-in, follow-through.

Rapidly identify and gain broad commitment to high-priority initiatives

Build high-performing teams, lower resistance to change, and accelerate implementation

Fast-track decision-making and harness collective wisdom

Break through barriers of rank, function, geography, and culture – to increase collaboration among senior leaders and those who report to them


01. See the whole picture Interrogate reality
What is really going on?

Discover the right question
What is the critical factor that holds they key to all other?

03. Describe Breakthrough
What is our vision of Success? What could Breakthrough look like in the next 3-6 months?

04. What is your understanding about this situation?
Identify barriers and root cause. Who overcome a situation like this before? How? Lessons from past.

05. What is our key strategy to break through this situation?
What are the critical sequenced elements of a ‘Plan to Win’ process in this situation?

06. Define the Action Plan
What are the essential components of this strategy? What-How-Who-When?

07. What choices & decisions are required to approve this plan?
Whose buy-in is essential to execute this plan? How do we secure it?

Download the programme overview brochure for more information about the core methodologies and key benefits.

Teams focus on co-creating solutions to one single, critical business issue that will have the greatest impact on short-term performance.

The Breakthrough process helped us align as a management team and engage our top 90 leaders with fierce resolve to outperform the market.
Ruediger StrohExecutive Vice PresidentNXP

Oxford Leadership™ enabled us to build a new corporate culture and develop the whole company... a pragmatic way of getting business results by connecting people with spirit, wholeness and learning.
Rodrigo LouresFormer CEONutrimental
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