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Katy​ Caroan​

Katy is an experienced coach, facilitator and management consultant within areas such as change management, HR, digital strategy as well as leadership development in both private and public sector.

Katy started her own business in 2010. Along with a broad knowledge from her own corporate career as a manager and consultant, she is highly experienced in employer branding and project management. She provides coaching with an emphasis on exploring options and enabling key results to fuel long term strategies for leaders and teams. Katy is based in Sweden.​


Katy is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator, being of service to clients who are looking to manage individual as well as organizations challenges successfully. Her coaching skills, strong listening skills and creativity inspire her clients to advance as leaders and make game-changing decisions, often leading to business repositioning. She believes that anyone can be a leader, and that leaders strongly benefit from building capabilities through reflection, experimentation, and continuous learning and unlearning. She works in English, Swedish and Norwegian.​


  • Katy has a Master of Science Candidate / Bachelor degree in Economics from NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration). She is a certified EMCC coach by AS3, and she specializes in cognitive behavioural topics. She is also a certified Board Member by the Swedish Academy of Board Directors.
  • Katy inspires bold, advancing leaders to embrace their uniqueness through distinction, innovation and positioning to stop procrastinating and start taking action and claim the opportunities they deserve.​

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