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Karin Weihreter

Karin is an experienced business psychologist, coach, facilitator, and team leader specialising in leadership development and wellbeing.

In 2005 she started her own business and since then she has been working internationally with clients like WW Germany, Panalpina Germany, Faber-Castell Germany, Team Bank Germany, Classic Norway, Brey Dubai, Baart  Singapur, Nolan United Kingdom. She also did research on purpose-driven leadership and is focused on all aspects of leadership development as well as on the general well-being of leaders in terms of mental and physical aspects. She also loves to conceptualize and design bespoke training and workshops for your individual topics. Karin is based in Germany and in London, United Kingdom.


Karin is a passionate business psychologist and leadership coach. She welcomes change and deeply believes that challenges can always be seen as chances and that growth always happens out of the comfort zone. She loves to support her clients to discover and explore this perspective. It is her best reward to see her clients grow into their bestselves resulting in their happier lifes and improved businesses. Leadership and especially purpose-driven leadership fascinate her from all aspects and supporting leaders in evolving into their best leadership style, discovering and implementing their purpose is her heartfelt vocation and passion. Moreover, as a certified wellbeing, nutrition and weight management coach, Karin can also support you to find your allover wellbeing, mental and physical balance.

It is her belief that it is the leaders out there who can change the world for good!

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