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Mindset Practice


In a complex, uncertain world, our brains sense danger all around us. Unless we learn to choose otherwise, most people default to a mindset of Survival. We’re reactive rather than proactive, resistant to change and reluctant to speak up.

We place mindset at the core of our leadership development programs, allowing every individual to evolve from a mindset of habits and reactiveness to controlled actions and Growth. Mindset Practice award-winning solutions complement Oxford Leaderships program and clients by enabling a growth mindset and self-belief for individuals to become more adaptable, collaborative, compassionate and resilient, which leads to sustained change in performance and wellbeing.

Mindset Practice’s integrated practical tools and psychometrics are housed in an industry-leading digital learning platform enabling individuals and teams around the world to overcome their habits and improve their mindset to stay consistent in their development.

By using an evidence-based, experiential approach which fosters personal awareness in thoughts, feelings, and actions, we have proven that our mindset solutions can increase collaboration, improve self-belief, and transform performance.

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