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S-ray Scan Diagnostics

Organisational alignment diagnostics and measuring Tool that provides a crystal-clear diagnostic picture of how aligned people & teams are with the organisation’s purpose, strategy and goal.

A winning strategy is only a plan. High performance doesn’t come from plans; it comes from the execution of plans that are driven by purpose. If your people don’t align with the purpose and strategy, they will follow their own, often disconnected, “strategies”, resulting in an uncoordinated effort, hampered teamwork and, in the end, suboptimal performance.

The S-ray Scan is a 2-in-1 tool: It connects the diagnosis of alignment with the drivers of alignment. The alignment diagnosis is based on a scientifically validated and patented measurement method, developed at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This method visualises through infographics whether and, to what extent, organisational units such as teams and departments work in line with the strategy as set out by the executive team. Usually, misalignment is the rule rather than the exception – especially when conducting a baseline measurement. The logical next question: now what? The answer to that question will be provided for by the integrated assessment of alignment drivers. These driving powers of alignment have been scientifically determined and provide specific anchor points for the design of leadership and/or organisational development programmes. These programmes will actually contribute to enhancing strategic alignment and consequently improving company performance.

As an X-ray shows the internal structure of the human body; S-ray makes the internal structure of an organisation visible.

Oxford Research

We have over 50 highly skilled academics providing comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research services through our sister company, Oxford Research.

Organisational Diagnostics & Culture Mapping
Organisational Diagnostics measure the level of trust in the organisation. The outcome of the survey is an in-depth understanding of the actual culture in the organisation and a clear indication of strengths and weaknesses. In terms of recommendations, a database of global Best Practices is available.

Trend Analysis
Deals with the big picture, such as a global forecast of new skills for new jobs. An 8-step analysis based on extensive desk research and in-depth interviews.

Market Analysis
Dealing with diverse data sets takes a strong theoretical and methodological foundation, which is unique to Oxford Research.

Policy Analysis
Policy analysis of upcoming or planned, but not yet agreed, legislation. Identification of stakeholders, positions and evidence policy analysis.

Stakeholder Analysis
Beyond the primary stakeholders, value systems are often different from the value system in your company. The language and dialogue of secondary stakeholders is often complicated.

Shared Value Creation Analysis
Shared value creation analysis takes stakeholder analysis to the next level and identifies what value a company can bring to secondary stakeholders and communities.

Impact evaluations of Corporate HR Programmes
Oxford Research provides ex-ante, ongoing, and ex-post evaluations of corporate projects and programmes, primarily, but not solely, in the field of HR.

Corporate Research Forum

We are proud to work in Partnership with the Corporate Research Forum (CRF). 

Established in 1994, CRF is a membership network for organisations looking to develop their people strategy and organisational effectiveness. As a focus for research, discussion and the practical application of contemporary topics arising from people leadership, learning & organisational development, CRF remains at the forefront of the HR industry.

CRF’s annual international conference has become an established date in the diaries of senior executives who focus on the way people add value to their organisations. This year’s conference in Madrid will explore the topic of ‘Strategy in a Changing World’ and will provide two days when attendees can review the way their business world may look in five or ten years’ time through three principal lenses: the global political landscape, the economic content and the impact of technology. A copy of the conference brochure can be downloaded here.

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