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Lead with purpose in turbulent times

A blended digital journey that transforms individuals and organisations from the inside-out

Our blended online programme is a combination of our core methodology “Self-Managing Leadership”  using the leadership compass framework, interactive social learning and can be scaled cost-effectively across teams oren tire organisations.

The program helps individuals define their unique contribution and develop their character based on personal strengths, guided by the narrative of purpose, values, vision and goals. The programme prepares you and your team to cope with today’s VUCA enviroment more effectively. Our proven methodology has transformed more than 900,000 individuals, supported multiple culture transformations and is part of the core curriculum in numerous corporate universities around the world.

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Why this programme

How can we find the ‘eye of the storm’ in which we find ourselves, to build resilience and intrinsic motivation amid the uncertainty?

We are living in times more turbulent and unpredictable than ever. How can we respond consciously, with clear intention based on our purpose and values, and not let despair and hopelessness make us victims? Consider taking this opportunity to stop and reflect on what is important to you and your leadership going forward – to reflect on where you are, who you are, and where you want to go.

“We’ve trained over 90k employees with SML®. This course helps them to identify their purpose and their professional & personal fulfillment in life. Thanks to this, team building was strengthened and employees felt stronger, more open and resilient to change.”
Silke Heitmann, Metro AG Head of HR

People gain meaning from purpose and purpose drives productivity

People are looking for jobs that give them personal fulfilment. When we understand our purpose, we get meaning and inspiration. We take on harder challenges, stay longer with our employers, and become leaders. That’s why purpose-driven employees are the most productive*.

Productive Output of Employees
*Source: Bain & Company and EIU Research

Personal growth inevitably leads to organisational growth

Companies with a strong business purpose and purpose-driven people are able to transform, innovate and deal with complexity better. In a VUCA environment the need for embedding purpose at every level of the organisation has become essential.

Programme methodology

Develop self-managing leadership skills to unlock personal potential across your organisation

Develop your “internal compass” to guide your actions and become more intentional, goal oriented and strategic as a leader and in decision making.
Articulate the purpose that drives you and the values that define your character.
Become the “eye of the storm”: always on course, able to lead through turbulent (VUCA) times, guided by your newly defined “inner compass”.
Identify your unique contributions and strengths which define you as a  leader.
Develop your EQ: learn how to pause, take a step back and see what’s really going on to get the full picture and become more intentional in your interactions.
Implement and execute your personal strategy to reach your goals, aligned with your defined purpose, values and vision, with the help of a  personalised 90-day action plan to kickstart the journey in your next chapter.

“It asked me questions about my professional life but also my personal life. It made me realise that who you are as a leader is a mashup of the two: you can’t separate them as that makes you who you are, and therefore how you lead. What I also realised is that I only just started this journey to become a leader, and it’s about the next 10-20 years”
Tracy Chapman , BBH Executive Account Manager

Programme structure & modules

30 years of leadership development experience delivered in an intuitive, engaging and flexible format

Kick-off Event
Marking the start of the programme with an Inspirational event to unite and ignite the participants’ journey as well as building the ”tribe”. An event on Leading with Purpose-in turbulent times, Leadership 4.0 and the Self-managing Leadership Methodology. Participants gain insight into the tools and methodologies.

Online Programme
Participants get access to the platform for individual work, following a 10-step programme online to identify their core strengths, unique leadership characteristics, purpose and values. Our strategic planning model and framework can be used for transformation at the individual, team and organisational levels.

Live Session & Masterclasses
Live Sessions with World Class Facilitators and Coaches. Weekly Live Calls to dig deeper into each weekly module’s content, and specific relevant topics. Facilitated dialogues for participants to share questions, feedback and challenges. Helping individuals align their purpose and values with those of the company.

90 Day Action Plan
During the online programme the participant develops a 90 day Action Plan which they implement after completion of the online modules. This personal action plan outlines the input to help implement the strategies and actions to attain the goals that align with the individual’s purpose, values and vision.

“I’ve been through many high-end executive coaching, training and personal leadership programmes. What shocked me about this one was how incredibly sharp and insightful the resulting action plan was in terms of my vision, values and proposed actions. The short, engaging and impactful videos created the space to look inward and get clear on what drives me and my business at a deeper level.
I was at first skeptical this type of deep work could be done online instead of face-to-face with a master facilitator, but am now a convert. As I scale my startup, I intend to bring all new hires through this programme as part of their development plan.”
Walter Roth, InwardSales CEO
“I have never come across such a well-thought-out process that really DOES WORK! This course hits right to the core. I feel empowered, inspired and ready to help change the world in my own way. Everyone should do this online course!”
Marineta Viegas, Relax Kids Founder

Programme outcomes

Develop a clear sense of direction and learn how to influence change at the individual, team & organisation level

  • Lead through influence, not authority
  • Bad habits and patterns transformed into good ones
  • Make better decisions by being a detached observer
  • Stonger intuitive, emotional and social intelligence
  • Leverage core strengths and qualities
  • Acute focus on the few things that will make the greatest difference
“I found the content of the SML programme useful; the online form is very flexible. Brian Bacon is doing a really good job in the videos. The inner compass model used in the programme is brilliant and easy to remember. The programme broadened my perspective and made me more present, relaxed and effective.
Erik Göras, Scania Senior Manager

BBH share their SML® experience

BBH implemented the SML® Programme with their Leadership Growth Plan: AMPLIFY YOUR DIFFERENCE. ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH. Their feedback is indicative of the capability of SML® to effect change.
“Oxford Leadership’s Self-Managing Leadership programme was by far the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations both personally and professionally.“
John Mahtani, Warner Bros Former Vice President

Programme Features

A flexible solution that can be customised to your organisation

Bespoke solutions to align with your brand, message and strategy

The SML Online Platform can be customised to your brand’s visual style and imagery, integrate key organisational messaging and align the platform with your organisational strategy for deep engagement with participants and stronger impact.

Embed oganisational purpose and values into the SML® Platform

We collaborate with creative agencies to create video stories and internal campaigns to give your people deep meaningful experiences and ensure every one is fully conscious and convinced that the organisation is purpose-driven.

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