Meeting Miksu: How it all started.. 

We were looking for a purpose-driven facilitator in Finland who could be our local representative for Oxford Leadership, driving our programs over there. Minna Tornikoski was a client to us and saw the match and fit between Oxford Leadership and Miksu, who is the founder of 4L Consulting in Finland. When we first met, it was an instant, blind date love affair at café Sturekatten in Stockholm. 2015 Miksu joined our Oxford Leadership community. But more importantly, the relationship has developed into a deep friendship. Miksu is manifesting our core leadership values – “A spirit of service attitude”, she also has a wonderful sense of humor combined with depth.

Not long ago, Miksu asked to interview me for her new book. She told me that she is interviewing people who have had a significant impact on her life. I was, of course, honored to be asked to contribute.

Below is an extract from my chapter in the book:

My view on leadership

The future of leadership will be leaning more towards the field of vertical development. Instead of offering tools (horizontal development), we will provide leaders with mindset transformation, supporting them to deal with complexity, and expanding the ability to care. The ability to discriminate, from an ethical standpoint will also be key for future leaders.

How can we make good choices and decisions?  Better choices for ourselves, business, and for society? Seeing beyond profit and products and being more purpose- and values-driven helps develop a stronger ethical compass.

We also need to redefine leadership, leadership is not a status symbol or an ability intended for just a few people. Anyone who can see potential in people and processes, and, feel accountable can is a leader. A more distributed type leadership is needed in today’s organisations, it will make organisations more agile, encourage their people take on a more entrepreneurial mindset, and create engagement.

Leadership does not only come from the top of an organisation, it is a calling for everybody within the organisation. I feel inspired when I am connected to my purpose, acting as a guide into new perspectives, and when I can be on the edge, inviting people to see and experience a new vision. 

Finding your purpose isn’t creative work, it’s detective work. It’s about being connected to your authentic self, and it’s a lifelong exploration.  Purpose is about being, and about being connected to your true self, your authentic self.

Harvard Business School asked 400 CEOs if they had a purpose beyond their role and only 20 per cent said that they did. Even fewer could articulate what their purpose was. Most of the leaders that I have met over the last 20 years have not reflected deeply on their own purpose and what gives them a deeper sense of meaning. Today, everybody talks about it and that is giving hope to organisations and the world, but the question is: Do you really understand what purpose is?

 “The precondition for going deep and looking at your shadow side is through lightness.”

My turning point

Almost 20 years ago I participated in the Oxford Leadership Self-managing Leadership®) programme with Brian Bacon, the founder of Oxford Leadership. The depth, insights, and wisdom that I gained from Brian and the programme deeply resonated with me. They were so simple, so human, and had such depth.

Brian put words into something that I have felt for many years but not been able to articulate myself. Now I have been dedicated to this work for 20 years and when I look at the world today, I think the work of developing purpose-driven leaders is more relevant than ever.

What would be your own advice for future leaders?

Develop an internal compass and deep self-awareness with integrity. Think lightly about yourself and deeply about the world.  If you are able to do that, you are set for the future…

Lasse Wrenmark
Founding Partner, Oxford Leadership


10 Everyday Trailblazers

Inspiring stories from ten everyday trailblazers about leadership and the significant turning points in their lives.

Many of the stories in this booklet are about the power of believing in the abilities of others and helping them to shine and even reach heights they never thought possible. Psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant George Kohlrieser says, “You have to put the fish on the table otherwise it starts to stink underneath.”

Mikela Nystrom
Oxford Leadership Consultant & Author “10 Everyday Trial Blazers”

I will always be grateful to Minna for connecting me with Lasse. For many years I had searched for a partner with a similar purpose and values, it was difficult to find the right match. Lasses purpose is to guide people toward new perspectives, his kindness and wisdom towards life and people is inspiring. For more than four years now, I have been facilitating programs together with him, and I could not have asked for a better coach and teacher, I constantly learn something new from him and the concept. During my 30-year career, I have seen many consultants and speakers and worked with the crème de la crème; Lasse is simply the best.

Mikela Nystrom
Oxford Leadership Consultant & Author “10 Everyday Trial Blazers”

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