Confidential ‘talking partners’ to high-level executives who need a trusted external perspective, free from politics and self-interest

Oxford Leadership™ has a panel of experienced mentors, made up of partners and former CEOs or leaders of large institutions. Our mentors provide executive support to CEOs and senior executives – they have extensive experience supporting C-suite leaders in multiple industries, and business situations.

A mentor helps the individual navigate complex challenges in their business and private life.

The benefits of mentoring are numerous and have huge impact and influence on leaders professional and personal lives.

75% of executives point to mentoring playing a key role in their careers. Source: ASTD

95% of mentoring participants said the experience motivated them to do their very best. Source: The War for Talent

96% of executives say mentoring is an important development tool. Source: Account Temps

44% of CEOs list mentoring programmes as one of the three most effective strategies to enhance women’s advancement to senior management. Source: Dr. Belle Ragins for Catalyst

71% of Fortune 500 companies have a mentoring programme. (Lydell Bridgeford, August 1, 2007)

60% of surveyed companies, representing a wide variety of industries, have formal mentoring programmes and, of those, 74% have mentoring programs dedicated to women. (Catalyst, 2006)

47% of organisations recently surveyed have mentoring programmes. (The Institute for Corporate Productivity, 2007)

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Executives who received mentoring were promoted FIVE times more often than executives who didn’t have mentors.

Source: Sun Microsystems

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