The main cause of ‘strategy execution failure’ is an outdated notion that the role of the leader is to command and control people.

Systematic approach to developing a Leader-as-Coach culture. Organisations that develop their managers to be coaches experience consistently higher levels of employee productivity and engagement and enjoy improved economic performance. A defining quality of a Leader-as-Coach is their ability to develop a winning mood.

Organisations that operate at high speed and complexity need leaders who are coaches, not controllers.

We develop leaders who shape the understanding, development and learning of team members so they can act independently in alignment with the global strategy of the organisation.

Areas in our Leader-as-Coach Culture programme include:

The foundations of coaching 

How to manage differences

How to give effective feedback

How to have crucial conversations

How to help team members identify and remove barriers to success

Action planning and accountability


01. Rapid response and agility
02. Steering calibration
03. Highly devolved decision making
04. Clarity of strategic priorities
05. Absolute personal responsibility
06. Fierce resolve
07. Fully empowered people
08. Highly competent
09. Fully response-able

Programme Overview »

Download the programme overview brochure for more information about the core methodologies and key benefits.

Developing a ‘Leader-as-Coach’ culture is key to an organisation’s ability to execute strategy and remain focused.

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Mats LederhausenFormer CEOMcDonald’s Ventures, Chicago, USA
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