Global Leadership Consultants

An Innovation Journey for Lantmännen’s Executive Leadership

Tapping into the possibilities of the 4th industrial revolution

Last week our Oxford Leadership colleges Agneta Dieden and Eve Simon facilitated a three day innovation journey tapping into the possibilities of the 4th industrial revolution with a group of 11 senior executives from Lantmännen.

They met with researchers and thought leaders such as Professor Robin Teigland from Stockholm School of Economics and Ashkan Fardost at Hyper Island. One day was spent at Epicenter meeting with corporate innovators from large companies like SEB and visionary and hardworking social entrepreneurs from Urban Oasis, Saltextechnology, and Nutrient. The journey also included a Lean startup workshop and a visit to Spotify to meet with one of their senior female leader’s, who presented a leadership style based on freedom and responsibility, where to work with direct feedback is part of the culture. Prof Robin Teigland said that what we will be experiencing now is a workforce that are becoming digital nomads.

Everything will change. Some will be paralysed or maddened by panic & many will try to rebuild the world as it was.…