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Characteristics of High-Performing Team Meetings

The success of a team's performance is determined by how well it prepares, conducts and follows through after its meetings.

Collaborative Leadership – A White Paper

Leaders today need an expanded repertoire of skills and new mindset. They must be able to think strategically in a global context, articulate an inspiring vision across cultures, and make...

The Power of a Positive NO

I have come to appreciate that perhaps the main obstacle to getting to Yes is learning how to say No properly. All too often, we cannot bring ourselves to say No when we want to and know we should.

Reinventing Management

The “failure of management” in investment banking, that led to credit crisis of 2007–2008 is far more than the story of a few CEOs losing control of their organizations;


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A Conversation on Embedding Purpose: Full Interview

For more than 20 years, Lasse has been involved in developing leaders, teams, and organisations to become more purpose-driven. What he has learned during this time is that: no matter what challenges lie ahead, whether large changes, complexity or execution of a new strategy, the best way to start is to “humanize” organisations treating it as a living ecosystem that aligns and develops resilient and engaged people.

Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Telegraph Interview

Leaders who are succeeding in this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ have embraced a new mind-set, viewing the organisation as a living organism or eco-system, rather than as a mechanical machine.

The value of silence, with Erika Kleestorfer

Our behaviour is often informed by society’s treatment and demands of us. If a child is constantly sent the message that they need to perform to get some sort of recognition, they might very well do so and well into their adult lives.

Enabling breakthroughs, with Shuntian Yao

In order to become more aware of the organisational energy, leaders must create an environment in which employees will be more comfortable engaging in honest and open communication.


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What is your Story? -A “happily ever after” starts with analysing your “once upon a time”

An organisation’s story can be so deeply rooted within its culture that it can determine its future, whether good or bad, and project ultimate success or failure. The old paradigm of command and control is a story crafted long ago, when authorities felt the need to control the masses. Unfortunately, this perception often still prevails in corporate cultures to this day. In organisational terms, command and control became the managerial template for leaders who believed that workers had to be controlled because they could not be trusted.

How Purpose Drives Performance in Organisations

The trend is undeniable - purpose drives performance. The idea of big businesses driven by a purpose beyond their products, profits, and ego is no longer a utopian vision - it’s becoming a reality.

7 Characteristics of Leadership 4.0 – What successful leaders do differently

Digital technologies have disrupted everything, not only within IT, but also leadership styles and how we manage our organisations. Leaders at every tech company are not digital leaders, but it is undisputed that Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are two of the best examples today. What do they have that the majority of German managers do not?

3 Principles for Embracing the weQ Trend: Leadership 4.0

With the agreement that change is necessary, the question is how? The straightforward answer is that good leadership can endure open-ended co-creative processes. As experts in management development,Oxford Leadership see three guiding principles for future learning in a management context that should be based on all the methods and tools of choice: mindfulness before abilities, focus on what works, and changing priorities.


Read our articles and papers – better understand our thinking


Watch videos on various leadership topics and concepts


Follow our blog journal for our latest thoughts on leadership


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