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Webinar: What’s the Purpose of Purpose?

18th - 18th November 2020, Global

In the fast-changing world we are living, why is the Purpose of Purpose essential to increase our performance?

Join Lasse in this journey to assess the importance of Purpose in creating a better world!

During this webinar you will learn:

  •   How can meaning be a driver for performance?
  •   How can purpose play a role in creating a better world?
  •   How can you build a more purpose-driven organization?
  •   Different perspectives on how we can understand the purpose.
  •   How do you find your purpose?

The webinar starts at 15h CET: 45 minutes webinar – 15 minutes Q&A 

Interview: Embedding Purpose in Organisations

In this interview, Lasse Wrennmark shares his stories and thoughts around purpose-driven leadership and why he thinks embedding purpose is crucial for companies to accelerate and to attract talent.

For more than 20 years, Lasse has been involved in developing leaders, teams, and organisations to become more purpose-driven. What he has learned during this time is that: no matter what challenges lie ahead, whether large changes, complexity or execution of a new strategy, the best way to start is to “humanize” organisations treating it as a living ecosystem of self organising team, that aligns and develops resilient and engaged people.

Do you want to know more about “The Purpose of Purpose” and how it benefits you and your organisation?

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Lasse Wrennmark
Lasse is a Partner of Oxford Leadership. He is based in Sweden and one of OL’s most experienced facilitators of the Self Managing Leadership® programme. He is a specialist consultant in culture change, leadership development and team building. His current activities include major culture change programmes with AkzoNobel, Telefónica, Roxtec, ECB, BASF and SEB Bank industry.
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