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Leading With Purpose online course: 4 week virtual journey

16th November - 7th December 2020, Global

Now, for the first time ever, join our upcoming Virtual Purpose-Driven Leadership Course, led by Oxford Leadership coaches.

How to find the ‘eye of the storm’ during time of turbulence? How can you build resilience and find motivation amid uncertainty? These are turbulent and unpredictable times. How can we respond consciously and act decisively, with clear intention and not let despair and hopelessness make us victims?

4-week virtual journey, facilitated by elite Oxford Leadership coaches

Join our online journey to transform individuals from the inside-out with Oxford Leadership’s Leading With Purpose program. Overview of the program:

  • Deep dive into the past week’s work sessions
  • Embedding and Connecting Individual Purpose and Values with Organization’s
  • Guidance on how to approach and implement the 90-day Action plan
  • Powerful real-life stories to set the context and demonstrate the impact of concepts
  • Exercises for identifying negative habits and root causes of barriers
  • Mindfulness practice making better, intentional decisions and developing your emotional intelligence

Our next Leading With Purpose course

  • Starts week of November 16th until the week of December 7th
  • Morning / nights classes to accommodate time-zones (7am/7pm CET)
  • Be coached by our elite consultants
  • Course Project Manager: Malin Wallmon

Price launches on the 17th of October, 2020 – you will be able to purchase your credentials here


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