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Find your inner compass and unleash your potential in your professional and personal life.

As a leader, woman, and mother, you face high expectations and demands on your time. It can be overwhelming, especially during bad days when self-doubt and lack of confidence creep in. Balancing family, personal time, and a professional career can feel like an impossible feat.

But there is hope. Our unique leadership programme is designed specifically for women in leadership positions who are trying to juggle it all. Adapted from the highly successful Self-Managing Leadership® (SML®) Programme from Oxford Leadership, our programme has helped almost one million participants discover their values, vision, and purpose. Our participants have proven that it is possible to achieve both professional and personal success while staying true to their authentic selves.

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Join us and discover how you can thrive as a leader, woman, and mother.

Why this programme is tailor-made for women

Because as female leaders and mothers, we have a unique role in creating a better world for everyone around us and for future generations. We are natural caretakers and change-makers, but often at the expense of our own well-being. This programme is specifically designed to strengthen you from the inside out, helping you prevent burnout and shine even brighter in the next chapter of society.

Identify postive & negative

Identify your negative and positive patterns/habits and behaviours that are present in your life.

Find your purpose

Identify your purpose, your inner “why” or that which gives meaning to your life.

Define your future

Create a future vision for your life in three key areas: your role as a leader, your role in your family life, community life and your personal life.

Overcome barriers

Recognise and put in place a plan to overcome barriers which are holding you back from becoming all that you can be.

Create strategies

Emerge with concrete strategies for managing yourself better, your relationships, your career and your organisation.

Set an action plan

Leave with a framework for self management, personal accountability and a 90 Day Action Plan.

Unlock the power of purpose in ten comprehensive modules.

Our proven 10-step programme gives you everything you need to find your purpose, identify your vision, and make it happen.

Where have I come from and how did I get here?

Identify what stage you are at in your life. You will see where you’ve come from and what you’ve learned. You will identify what (good and bad) patterns of thinking, responding and behaving you’ve acquired. You will discover what scale of change is needed. You will also learn about presence and the ‘total intelligence’ of the leader.

What does my story tell me about myself?

Assess the personal strengths and positive patterns that you can build on for the next chapter in your life. You will also identify the weaknesses and negative patterns that need to be dealt with. You will learn how to develop the art of becoming the ‘detached observer’ to get perspective and understand what’s really going on.

If I live my truth, what am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Learn about the power of your purpose and keeping the right intention. You will work on clarifying your “why” and developing your personal compass for the next chapter in your life. You will learn the key to influence your next chapter and trajectory.

What values and guiding principles support my “why”?

Identify the values that are connected to your purpose in order to guide and influence major choices, decisions and relationships. You will learn how to detect the values which give shape and definition to your character as an individual and person.

What does my vision ideally point to? How do I need to adjust the way I see?

Learn about the power of your purpose and keeping the right intention. You will work on clarifying your “why” and developing your personal compass for the next chapter in your life. You will learn the key to influence your next chapter and trajectory.

What are the barriers that I will probably face while moving towards my vision?

In this session you will explore the obstacles and challenges that need to be dealt with for you to be able to achieve your vision. You will identify the root cause of old patterns that are compromising your success.

What do I do and how do I do it?

In these sessions you will identify the choices and decisions that reinforce your goals and strategies for achieving your vision.

What are the immediate steps to move towards my vision?

You will be guided in developing an action plan for the implementation of the change you are looking for in your life and career. You will learn how to sustain your energy, commitment and enthusiasm for the direction you choose.

What habits and patterns do I need to change?

In this session you will discover ways to carry your action plan into reality and how to establish new habits and vital behaviours for success.

Your programme guides & facilitators.

Eve Simon


German by nature, Californian by heart – that promises an unusual approach in all Eve Simon does – as a transformational consultant, executive coach, key-note speaker and serial entrepreneur. With a systemic perspective and diverse knowledge and expertise in Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth she merges different viewpoints into new solutions.

She holds a Master degree from Switzerland besides various other certifications in coaching, mindfulness and agile methods; leading divisions in corporate for 14 years and running her boutique consulting firm since 2005. Eve lives currently with her daughter in two continents – Silicon Valley and Germany.

Maren Wölfl


Maren has extensive experience in Business Coaching and training in international companies. Her focus and clarity in combination with a high regard for people leads to inspiring results.

Her main talents lie in realizing and strengthening unique talents and the courage to trust your intuition.

She as been recognized for providing in depth know-how on Women and Leadership and building trustful and sustainable relationships with people. Maren lives in Vienna and is a mom of 3.

“We have trained more than 90K employees with SML. This programme helps them to identify their purpose and their professional & personal fulfilment in life. Thanks to this, team building was strengthened in our organisation, employees felt stronger, more open and resilient to change.”

Silke Heitmann
Head of HR, Metro

“Last five weeks were very insightful and super inspiring. I am happy to take the opportunity of great investment into myself by focusing on the purpose and my next chapter. Thank you Malin Wallmon, Greg Orme and Brian Bacon for the excellent content of the course and great setup . Thanks to the group mates for the created environment, great discussions and great vibe.”

Monika Rimkunaite-Bloze
Head of Administrations, European Merchant Bank

“Oxford Leadership’s Self-Managing Leadership programme was by far the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations both personally and professionally.”

John Mahtani
Former Vice President, Warner Bros

“The methodology suggests that my purpose is sitting somewhere there deep-rooted in my personality. After joining the course and going through the necessary steps I found some things which I didn’t consider before and I must admit that just by finding those things I instantly got an energy bump in my daily life as if I found a source of energy. Highly recommend this course!”

Vladislav Andreev
Managing Director, FANATIC

“Top leaders will benefit from making a leadership journey that touches their hearts and minds. This is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organisational leadership.”

Heiko Hutmacher
Board of Management – CHRO, Makro

“I’ve been through many high-end executive coaching, training and personal leadership programmes. What shocked me about this one was how incredibly sharp and insightful the resulting action plan was in terms of my vision, values and actions. The short, engaging and impactful videos created the space to go inwards. I intend to bring all new hires through this process as part of their development plan.”

Walter Roth
CEO, Inward Sales

“The SML program is an inspiring voyage of self-discovery that has provided me with powerful insights into how I arrived in my life where I am now, where I intend to go next and the plan to get there. This is a vital professional development programme for anyone in a leadership role who has the passion to learn and grow and inspire the people they lead.”

Stephen Grinham
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“I came away from the program rewarded ten fold on my time and investment. Judith and the team at Oxford Leadership. It has helped me to better understand myself and those around me to enhance my impact upon the world. This really is a much more intense experience than I expected and continues its impact beyond the sessions.”

Steve Clarke
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“The OCC is a great value add to my skillset as a coach and psychologist. The structured framework of the SML is a game-changer with regards to uncovering one's purpose to deliver impact. I appreciate the clarity it brings to my clients and my own life, knowing that everyday we strive to live and work in alignment with our purpose, values and vision.”

Fredelene Elie
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“This online training has been a wonderful experience. It not only helped me refresh the concepts but allowed me to dive deeper within myself and confirm my purpose. It also allowed me to reflect on the ways I show up. In the world to make my purpose come alive. That solid work allowed me to be fully present so that I could guide others to be curious listen in and reconnect to what matters most.”

Cecilia McKay
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“Oxford Leadership's SML program is a game changer in the field of leadership development. The OCC program allowed me to go further and deeper. It was amazing to learn with and from many outstanding coaches. Thank you Oxford Leadership team!”

Jonas Wolf
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“Very insightful and joyful. By going through the whole program myself again and practicing in small groups, it deepened my experience and understanding. The model is simple and at the same time profound, allowing you to really get to the heart of the matter in a relatively short period of time.”

Varinka Bouma
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“The online SML program is a powerful and effective way for someone to take stock of what has been happening in their own life, do some 'position fixing', get to know themselves better and chart a purpose-driven course for the months and years ahead. Its visionary approach is firmly grounded in concreteness. Highly recommended when winds blow stronger.”

Mauro Oretti
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

“Thank you Judith for the inspiring, insightful and an energizing training! You helped open up new perspectives as a coach in me. The structure of the OCC is very good with the right balance of Crispness and detail. The sessions helped me to view my situation from a completely new angle and built the courage to make and even embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me.”

Shalini Srivastava
Oxford Leadership Certified Coach

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The SML® programme helped BBH employees connect their individual purpose to the purpose of the agency.

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Let us help you become an impactful leader who reflects your unique personality, unlocking your potential and creating positive change in your life and the world. Group discounts available. .

Type: TBC
Location: TBC
Date & Time: TBC

Costs: €1350 excl. VAT

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