Mergers & Acquisitions: Deploying Culture Transformation and Change Management Processes

The merger is considered to be one of the most successful ever in the semi-conductor industry. In May 2016, Forbes Magazine wrote, “The Right Way to Do a Merger". Industry articles cite the company’s successful culture integration as a key reason in their success.

Changing the firm’s DNA to enable Collaborative Leadership

Leadership for Growth has aided in bringing in real and sincere messages across. It is a good bridge between one’s individual journey and the company’s objectives and it has helped to deeply understand the team dynamics and the different contributions due to individual specifics.

Building capabilities for long-term cultural change

To date more than 2000 Telefónica leaders from 18 different countries (including Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, UK,Spain and USA) have completed the Leading Self Programme with still more on the waiting list of upcoming programmes.

Transforming an organisation through a proven leadership model

The Ignite the Spirit initiative through the SML journey was the start of organisational transformation of Deco. 23,000 employees are set to experience this leadership journey.

Roxtec’s Passion for Leadership: Aligning Culture & Strategy for growth

Between the 2011-2012 fiscal year, when the Oxford Leadership programme began, and at the end of the 2013-2014 fiscal year, Roxtec experienced a hugely impressive 33% growth with 2013-14 demonstrating the greatest annual growth margin in the firm’s history.

Aligning People to Embody Company Values

It is critical to have facilitators understanding the business reality whilst being excellent in leadership to align program & business objectives.

Oxford Leadership‘s ‘International Big-L Leadership’ Programme

Participants developed and implemented emergent strategies to achieve regional growth.

Oxford Leadership‘s Leading High Performance Teams and Individuals Programme

Oxford Leadership developed a new programme entitled, “Leading High-Performing Individuals and Teams” to complement White & Cases’ long-term partner development programmes.

Developing people-oriented leaders who embrace a fast-changing environment

Over 1000 leaders at SEB have attended Oxford Leadership programmes, with a long waiting list for those wanting to attend in the future.
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