Roxtec’s Passion for Leadership: Aligning Culture & Strategy for growth

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Roxtec: Senior Management Team

 “With Roxtec’s growth strategy so central to the success of the business, Oxford Leadership’s expertise was the perfect solution for the company’s needs”



Roxtec specialises in developing and manufacturing cable pipes and seals and providing flexible sealing solutions. In line with their core products and services, Roxtec’s vision is “We Seal Your World™”. In addition to providing adaptable solutions, Roxtec’s certified sealing solutions are also used to ensure the safety, efficiency and operational reliability of projects around the world. As their mission of “Protecting life and assets” communicates, Roxtec seals protect lives and assets from risks including fire, gas, water, electromagnetic interference, and explosions.

With motivated and an entrepreneurial staff, Roxtec can be described as a market creating company. Roxtec is continuously creating space in the market for their products and services. Over the last 20 years, Roxtec has been able to succeed through adapting to the demands of their customers while furthering the reach of their sealing solutions across the globe and across industries. Today, the firm employs more than 700 people located in 24 subsidiaries around the world, with sales in over 70 markets.


Roxtec has grown steadily since its founding and from the outside, it appeared that they were doing well. In 2010, Roxtec made an acquisition that added more services to their profile and the company began to move from their previous focus of selling products to offering cable solutions. Roxtec’s strategy has always been to grow but after the acquisition and the widening of their services, the executive management team began to think bigger. As they broadened their services, their strategy also grew and their ambitions became even larger.

In 2011, the executive management team at Roxtec launched their new strategy for the organisation. There were four objectives behind the new strategy including the desire to create a platform for profitable growth, to become a sealing solution provider, to run efficient business operations, and to reach sales exceeding 2 billion Swedish kroner by 2015. From the outside, Roxtec was doing well. Their continuous growth and expansion into new markets and adding solutions to their portfolio were indications that the company was on the right track. Within the organisation however, there were some challenges that needed to be addressed in order for the new strategy and goals for 2015 to be implemented and carried out as planned.

Prior to 2011 however, Roxtec lacked a global overview of HR related issues. This deficiency in overall direction was rectified with the appointment of Per Mattson at the HR helm. He established worldwide processes that included talent and performance reviews. Even with establishing a global HR department, Roxtec still battled some internal problems that could potentially hinder them in carrying out their new strategy of doubling their revenues by 2015…

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