Vladimir Martynov is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Vladimir is an Oxford Leadership consultant, business trainer, facilitator and mentor. His core business skills are focused on critical thinking, leadership skills, lateral thinking techniques, facilitation of strategic and individual sessions. Having a strong operational background and more than 12 years’ experience in HR, Vladimir can evaluate business needs from different points of view and support teams and individuals on the way to achieving better results.


Having vast experience in various roles, Vladimir believes that the main value that an external consultant can bring to a company or a team is the perspective and best practices of other companies. He sincerely believes that only the well coordinated work of all functions can have a synergistic effect. Vladimir focuses his work on teaching the ability to see the picture as a whole, to be open and to be ready to provide and receive feedback.

Another priority in work is positive psychology. Currently, Vladimir is developing his own training to increase the level of happiness. This skill can have a positive effect on someone’s personal life and also on their professional results.


Vladimir graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. (1994)


Vladimir works in Russian and English.

For our company, Vladimir is a reliable partner and a professional in his field. A masterfully conducted strategy session helped us find common goals in the company and formulate the steps to achieve them. Teamwork and the experience of constructive feedback were the most valuable. The positive and energy that Vladimir charges moves to the development of himself and the business as a whole!
Ilona RumiyanHRDTESLI, Russia
I am very impressed by the individual approach to the client's request with detailed study and preparation for the training. It is obvious that the development of the program does not follow a standard pattern. The atmosphere that Vladimir creates during the training is friendly and conducive to cooperation and deep joint work.
Irina LevinaHRDDoctor Ryadom, Russia
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