Tana is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

She works as an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Trainer And Management Consultant with several leading multi-national companies including Apple, Novartis, Sandoz, La Caixa, GMAC, Random House, Phillip Morris, Almirall, Telefónica and Microsoft. Tana is based in Spain, and works in Spanish and English.

Tana has over 20 years’ experience in Organisational Development, and a passion for working with Multi-nationals. She enjoys helping individuals and team to embrace change, and encourages them to reach their optimum level of performance.

As a coach, Tana is totally committed to developing individuals with a constructive and effective approach that allows people to grow into and embrace their role. She is focused on helping her clients define their purpose and, in-turn, reach fulfilment in their professional and personal lives. Her clients are managers, professionals and high emerging leaders seeking development in all the aspects in their life.

Tana has been trained in coaching with CTI in the Co-active Coaching Training Programme and Organisational and Relations Systems by the Centre for Right Relationship. Also she is an NLP Practitioner and Certified CPC, PCC and ICF Coach. She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.

The sessions with Tana have been open, constructive and transparent. Because of her we have been enabled to develop and share ideas - she is excellent.
Jesus Carmena AlmendrosFormer Director of SalesTelefónica - Spain
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