Stephane Rubin is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

With over 18 years’ experience in Leadership Consulting, Coaching and Development, Stephane regularly runs Development Seminars and Courses on themes such as: stress management, relationship management, how to make fear an asset, stability in chaos. Stephane’s professional and management experiences have led him to develop a deep understanding of different cultures, and allows him to facilitate engagement and alignment across multiple cultures and continents. Based in France, Stephane works in French and English.

Stephane is an alumnus of Grenoble School of Management (GEM) where he has lectured on the subject of Leadership & Business Ethics. His facilitation & coaching practice spans many countries, including France, England, Italy, Switzerland, India, Spain, Germany & Pakistan. Stephane has worked in International Transportation and Logistics in both Asia and Europe for 20 years. Stephane’s core competencies include: leadership development, executive development and coaching, systemic coaching , intercultural management, change management, team building, sales and negotiation techniques, stress management

Stephane holds an MBA from Grenoble Graduate School of Business. He is also certified Coach & Team Coach (Vincent Lenhardt),

HEC School of Management (Paris), BASF, METRO Group, Akzo Nobel Group, Telefonica

While I enjoyed the Leading Self Programme on the whole, I feel that real benefit to me came through the interaction with Stephane Rubin both during the training as well as in the coaching sessions thereafter. Stephane created a comfortable environment where one was invited but never pressured to push personal boundaries. He showed genuine interest in my progression and pulled me along when I began to waiver and lose focus. Stephane was integral to my progress during and since the course.
Christian WerninkFixed Income ManagerTelefónica
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