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Silvio is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Silvio has been working with individuals and teams for more than 14 years, travelling to deliver Courses, Seminars and Conferences in America, Europe and Asia. Silvio’s passion comes from working with individuals and teams to facilitate their transformational processes and generate professionalism and human growth. Based in Uruguay, Silvio works in Spanish and English.

Silvio’s main focus is on leadership development, coaching, stress and time management, self-esteem, teamwork, positive thinking and meditation for busy people. He delivered the “Ignite the Spirit” Programme with AkzoNobel to over 400 people in Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia. For over 10 years, Silvio has been sharing his knowledge as a Professor of Design and Audiovisual Production at the School of Communication and Design of the ORT University in Uruguay.

Silvio is a certified Coach in Newfield Network, Chile and he is ACC certified coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation). He is trained in Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperider. He is certified in VIVO, Living Values in Organisations Programme.

AkzoNobel, Marfrig Group, Roemmers, Cablevision, Axxiome, República AFAP

Silvio thank you very much! The workshop exceeded my expectations. It was really great and you handled excellently. It is very difficult after so many courses and workshops to find an interesting look, while deep and applicable. You gave us a great gift and I hope I can repay you recommending.

Sandra SilvaHead of Commercial ServicesRepublica AFAP
Everything will change. Some will be paralysed or maddened by panic & many will try to rebuild the world as it was.…