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Sebastian is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Sebastian is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership. He is an experienced strategy and operational consultant, leadership development trainer and group facilitator. He focuses on helping organisations develop a climate and culture of role modelling to elicit the full potential of teams. Based in the Netherlands Sebastian works in Dutch and English.

Sebastian has a background in hospitality, sales, business development, performance improvement and leadership development. Such experience has provided him with a unique combination of insights and a skill set to align purpose, people and performance. Sebastian now focuses to help organisations develop a climate and culture that elicits the show-how and role modelling of the potential throughout the organisation. His experience from boardroom to shop floor has shown he is able to help organisations develop the ultimate combination of personal and organisational development.

Sebastian holds an MSc in General Management and Financial Management from Nyenrode University, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Administration majoring in Financial Management from the Hotel School of Hague.

C4C, Cardano, Chambers of Commerce, CSM, DSM, ING, KPN, Lonza, ProRail, Stibbe, and T-Mobile.

Sebastian is master at building bridges between the ‘hard stuff’ and the ‘heart stuff’ for organisations, teams and individuals by listening carefully, treating everyone with respect and fearlessly asking questions. His unique background, experience and character have made Sebastian the best connector of purpose, people and performance that I have worked with.
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