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Roberto a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

He is a Certified Consultant of the Vitalsmarts´ Crucial Conversations Programs. He is a National And International Conference Speaker that has also acted as Leadership and Business Strategies Consultant. He has written three books about Personal Leadership and featured in business Magazines, writing articles addressed to Leaders. He is a Certified Coach and has acted as Adviser in different Companies. Based in Mexico, Roberto works in Spanish and English.

Roberto has a solid background of more than 30 years’ experience in Strategic Vision, Results Orientation and Leadership, holding positions as Staff Member, Communication Chief and has been in charge of the Presidency Image during the sexennial period of Presidents Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox respectively, as well in Multinational Companies such as Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Televisa, Monsanto , where he held the position of Vice President for Latin America; he also held the position of Commercial Vice President for Mexico in Telefónica. His broad experience in different industries and fields as well as his active involvement in Mergers, Sales and Acquisitions of Companies and Brands during difficult times in the economy; have helped him to strengthen his Leadership Skills and to obtain knowledge about the essence of being a Leader and how to develop High Performance Teams.

Roberto holds Degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance from the Universidad Iberomericana and a Graduate Certificate in Finance from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico.

This was one of the best training programmes I have done at Telefónica. It appealed to our values, cultures and our inner self. I enjoyed sharing with my colleagues feelings and experiences and realising that they share the same problems. I enjoyed the group work sessions, particularly the human quality of the coaches and the sensibility of my team.
Marcelo CaputoVice PresidentTelefónica - Mexico
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