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Maxwel is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Maxwel teaches in-company courses as an Educator Executive in the areas of Strategic Management from Fundação Dom Cabral. Maxwel is a Professor of Business Strategy, Strategic Planning and Strategy Development in the MBA’s BSP / Laureate – Business School São Paulo and a Professor of Leadership and Team Development for MBA’s IPL / IBMEC. Based in Brazil, Maxwel works in Portuguese and English.

In addition to his work as a Professor, Maxwel also facilitates education courses in-company in the areas of Leadership, Developing High Performance Teams and Organisational Culture for the Institute of Performance and Leadership. He has consulted in the areas of General Management, Leadership and Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Turnarounds. He also mentors the interim presidency of companies and is managing partner of Actavox Consulting and Apicem Corporate Consulting.

Maxwel holds a Masters in Business Management from UTAD, Portugal, with an MBA in Marketing from ESPM. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration from FGV abd graduated in Electrical Engineering-Electronics from ITA / UNICAMP.

Texas Instruments, IBM, Hudson, Araçatuba Express, DHL Express, NEXEL, American Standard

The programme makes you think about issues that normal do not come to mind. This programme has been very relevant to my life as well as my work. I am very satisfied and happy with the effects that this will have on my life.
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