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María José is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

She has over 9 years’ experience in Coaching, Management Consultancy and Tailor-made Trainings. She is active in a wide range of business areas (banks, construction, telecommunications, automotive, mining, universities, etc.). She is a postgraduate teacher at the University Francisco de Vitoria, researcher and contributor of IESE in the area of “Managing People” with Prof. Santiago Álvarez de Mon and associate at Mentore. She participated in various publications and books about leadership and human behaviour.

Maria José’s areas of expertise are: Leadership, Development of Leadership Skills, High Performing Teams, Talent Management, Learning Processes and Changing Corporate Culture. María José started her professional career in the telecommunications sector, ending up as the Director of the Operations Division in Telefónica, until she decided to shift her focus in 2001 to the development of people. Currently she is Vice Presidenta of Iberdidac and member of FEDEPE.

María José holds a qualification as Superior Engineer of Telecommunications at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (1996), holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from UNED (2002) and a PhD in Philosophy at University Francisco de Vitoria. She also qualified in Leadership Development by IESE (2001).

Axa, Bankinter, Caixa Geral, Electrolux, GlaxoSmithKline, Grupo Telefónica, Grupo Santander, Hullera Vasco-Leonesa, Iberia, Ingeniería Salamanca, KPMG, Lexus, Mapfre, Monlyke, Panda Security Software, Sanitas, Universitat Oberta of Catalunya.

Oxford Leadership’s programmes have been a real gift, the opportunity to spend time and reflect on my role in life, both personally and professionally. Well done.
Sonia Fernandez Sonia FernandezTelefónica - Spain
Everything will change. Some will be paralysed or maddened by panic & many will try to rebuild the world as it was.…