Maren is a highly experienced coach and consultant who has worked with managers across many industries.

Her strength is her unique know-how of working within global companies for many years combined with a coaching and training expertise on individual and corporate level for the last 15 years. Maren’s career has included various leading roles in international companies in Austria and Germany.

Maren has extensive experience in individual coaching, bespoke training and leading workshops within a company setting. Her focus and clarity in combination with a high regard for people leads to inspiring results. Her main talents lie in realizing and strengthening unique talents and the courage to trust your intuition.

With specific expertise within areas of gender diversity and mindset for a new working world, Maren has been recognized for providing in depth know-how on Women and Leadership and building trustful and sustainable relationships with people. Clients comment that Maren’s strengths are her passion, inspirational leadership and out-of box thinking.

Maren holds an international degree in Business Administration from Innsbruck and Miami. In addition she has extensive experience of professional and advanced training as coach, mediator and trainer.

Gillette, OMV, Magenta, Mondi, Institute of Science and Technology, Ernst&Young, Pfizer

Maren communicates clearly, gives lots of business examples leading to an open and trustful atmosphere. In addition she combines the facts and figures perfectly with a more emotional/intuitive approach – both belong together when being successful.

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