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Marcelo is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

He is also a Teacher, Writer, Coach and Management Consultant. Marcelo focuses on the development of leadership skills, leading & coaching teams, team building, change management and personal development. Based in Spain, Marcelo works in Spanish.

From 1996 until 2006 Marcelo was a full-time teacher of Human Behaviour in Organisations at IAE Business School, part of Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires. Since 2007 Marcelo has been teaching at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, where he has given several seminars on topics including “Leadership & Coaching”, “Leadership Skills” and “Communication & Negotiation”. Marcelo designed the programme “Executive Coaching” which he has taught during two periods at IAE Business School. He also designed and taught the programme “Talent & Energy, keys of Leadership” together with Prof. Santiago Álvarez de Mon at IESE and IAE Business School.

Marcelo has a Master’s and PhD degree in Biological Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). He holds a PhD in Philosophy at the Instituto de Empresa y Humanismo of the University of Navarra (Spain, 2004-2005 ) for which he received the qualification of ‘Outstanding the Investigating Aptitude’. The title of his thesis is “El Coaching directivo a la luz de la filosofia personalista de Karol Woytila”. Marcelo studied Ontological Coaching with Fred Kofman and he is certified as a Executive Coach for the ITBA (Argentina).

It was probably the most interactive and useful training I ever had in my professional life. I believe this will influence my role in a very high grade. I have already started thinking and acting in a different way.
Anna TigkaMedical Advisor Novartis - Greece
Everything will change. Some will be paralysed or maddened by panic & many will try to rebuild the world as it was.…