Lena Lindblom is Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

She works mainly in Leadership and Organisational Development. By increasing openness, honesty, responsibility and reducing unproductive defensive behaviour, Lena creates more open cultures, trust, creativity, innovation and engagement which leads to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team and organisational performance. Based in Sweden, Lena works in English and Swedish.

For many years Lena held programs in France in “The Human Element” – a programme for personal and leadership development. This is work that Lena is very passionate about and she has also worked with this program within public authorities in Sweden, for instance the Government as well as within International Business. Lena has also worked for many years with stress-management and how you manage your work-balance

Lena is a licensed Psychologist and Organisational Consultant.

Telefonica, O2, Telia Sonera, Ericsson, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Tech Data, Alfa Laval, Billerud, Axfood, ICA, Danske Bank IKEA, SIDA.

With great psychological insight and a wonderful capacity to balance humour and seriousness, Lena Lindblom helped me find and feel secure about my own path and purpose in life. Generous with her own personal experiences and with great professional skill she made me realise how the values and purpose I carry within are of equal and similar importance in the professional and personal spheres of life.  
Katinka HortAnalyst and Evaluator,Swedish Tax Agency
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