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Kazemaru is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership, and the Founder and Director of Zenergy Management.

She brings over 29 years of coaching and development experience to our team. Kazemaru specialises in NeuroLeadership, applied Holistic Reflection, and the impact of physical and psychological wellness on individual and team performance. Her broad cross-cultural experience means that she is highly sensitive to cultural nuances, and is comfortable working closely with individuals at all levels within an organisation. Based in the USA, Kazemaru works in English, Swedish and Japanese.

Kazemaru founded the Zenergy Management division of Oxford Leadership, which focuses on Executive Wellbeing and unlocking and developing client’s personal and professional potential. Zenergy methodologies support the improvement of mental, physical, and organisational wellness. Kazemaru integrates personal and professional wellbeing into her consulting work, and believes in a personalised approach towards leadership coaching. She has practiced and taught holistic wellbeing in Europe, Japan and the USA since 1987.

Kazemaru was mentored and trained by the late Yoshi Yukawa (Director of Shotokan Karate International in Scandinavia), and in1992 was selected as a special apprentice to the Grand Master of the Imoto Sensei in Tokyo. She served as the Managing Director of this highly prestigious Dojo (specialising in Education and Development) for 6 years. In 2000, Kazemaru qualified as a practitioner of Holistic Medicine at the Hale Clinic and the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine in London. She is a certified coach in MIT and NLI’s Neuroscience for Leadership fields, and has previously served on the Board of Directors at the Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine.

Nike Inc, PHR Ltd, Uppsala University, ike Europe, FIEP Brazil, Maersk Denmark, Axelsson Delta Consulting

Through Kazemaru’s programs, I have experienced a deep care for clients, fellows and employees. I have seen personal development from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.
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