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Gérard Loiseau is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

He has spent a large part of his professional life counselling financial and insurance groups on their diversification strategies and either as CEO or as consultant. He has also been one of the leaders in “life and financial insurance” business provided by commercial and trust banks. Gérard has served on many corporate boards including the Board of Directors of Marsh and McLennan companies in France, Elysees Gestion and Elygest Luxembourg, as Vice-President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and as President of the Cercle 103 in Paris. Based in Switzerland, Gérard works in French, English and Spanish.

Gerard specialises in early-stage start-ups, Strategic Management and Financial Engineering, Business models and Value chain. His career began at the Union de Assurances de Paris, (now the AXA Group), later becoming a Strategy Consultant at the Suez Group, the Crédit Mutuel Group and the Crédit Agricole Group, (now CALYON). He then founded ERISA, an insurance subsidiary of Credit Commercial de France (C.C.F.), actually HSBC. After which he assumed the position of Chairman and CEO of William M. Mercer, the Marsh and McLennan consulting company, in Paris, and led a major reorganisation and the implementation of a new information technology network. At GHL & Associés he advised many start-up companies on their business model. He is currently the Vice President of Foreign Affairs at Academus (a Strategic Centre focusing on promoting Innovation and Skills) and holds the position of Chairman at GHL Associates, Virtual Sea and ACTUA CONSEIL Group. He is also Co-Founder of GDE Enterprises, an organization based in Boston and Lausanne dedicated to Life Sciences and Medicine, and is involved in Strategy and Funding.

Gérard holds a Law Degree from the Claude Bernard University in Lyon and graduated as Full Actuary from the Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurance in Lyon, France.

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