Fionnuala is a Strategic Partner of Oxford Leadership.

She has over 30 years of experience as an Executive Coach and Senior Manager. Fionnuala is in her element building cultures of innovation within and between organisations and sectors. Based in the Netherlands, Fionnuala works in English and Dutch, and has a good understanding of German.


Fionnuala has a background in business, research and higher education, with over three decades of experience in roles such as Director of Research & Innovation, Senior Researcher, Executive Coach & Business Catalyst, and CEO. Fionnuala combines honest and objective strategic thinking with her powerful intuition, to help realise the potential within people and organisations, and deliver sustainable, tangible results. She has published work in an anthology titled ‘Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Excellence and Collective Intelligence in the Workplace Community’.

Fionnuala holds a PhD in Genetics from Trinity College Dublin, and a BSc (1st Class Honours) from University College Dublin. She is a certified practitioner in Cultural Transformation Tools, certified Energy Reader & Healer, a certified Systemic Coach and Catalyst, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and a U-theory proponent (emerging from her work with the research team at PI).

Fionuala’s clients include AMEX, Arcadis, Philips, Earth Charter, Smurfit-Kappa, ABN AMRO Dialogues House, Grafton, Amana-Key, EZ.

Working with Fionnuala was a real pleasure. With her strong sensing abilities and being able to connect with people in a caring and engaging way she was able to bring our team dynamics to a different level. She guided our team to move us to a level which is based on pure trust. The journey has not been easy as we had to leave quite some of our comfort zones but we have truly enjoyed it and had a lot of fun as well.
Renata Mrazova Global Head of HRNN Group
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