Eve is a Programme Leader at Oxford Leadership.

With 20 years’ experience as a trainer, coach and consultant, Eve specialises in management development, communications, innovation, intercultural teambuilding and conscious capitalism. She’s worked in a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Retail, Advertising & PR and Hospitality. Based in Germany and the USA, Eve works in German and English.

Having lectured on the subjects of marketing, business development and creative thinking in several institutions both in Europe and the US, Eve then managed national marketing and communications at telecommunications giant E-Plus. Since 2009, Eve has been the US based Managing Partner for the Institute of Applied Creativity (IAK), guiding corporations through cultural changes. As a consultant, Eve specialises in founding, developing and expanding start-ups and new departments in corporations. She has implemented knowledge management systems, employee satisfaction programmes, corporate identity and corporate change strategies as well as delivering events for more than 5000 participants.

Eve spoke at the Future of Leadership Tedx in Düsseldorf in 2018.

Eve holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Basel, Switzerland and two Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Advertising. She is further qualified in Management, Leadership, Neurolinguistic Programming, Sociology and Coaching across Europe and the US.

Brose, Boehringer, Currenta, Bayer.

One of the most valuable training courses for me. A very well structured approach to reflection. Very enabling, the mixture of plenary session, working in groups and on your own. I enjoyed the methodology of asking questions to explore purpose, values and vision. Facilitator’s stories about their own experiences particularly stand out, they will serve well as a reminder for change when I’m in certain situations.
Sebastian PrangeVP of O2 ShopsTelefónica - Germany
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